Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Self out there

Perhaps one of the stages of forgiveness that we may return to once and again is that it is not necessary.

There is a Self out there, a Self that is a unified field of all creation, all existence, every plane. I feel as though I learned to be a child from this Self as from my own mother and father feeling at a speed that must slow down to become particles of clouds and grass, flowers and trees, the infinity and the eternity of my own true Love.

Then maybe this unified field of the best Self I have ever wished to be is for everyone, within all.

This unified field taught me how to be a child. In my heart I know it is the goodness of all fields of Life, of the religions and the countries, of all the traditions, the goodness inherent in the military branches, in the educational branches, of the financial institutions and spiritual organizations alike, in all the social branches of human leadership as within the parts of our own body, filled with the fullness of all that is beyond, like a child.

And perhaps the secret of forgiveness is that it is not necessary.

Just imagine...

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