Monday, 13 June 2011

Once upon a time

A place that I had once upon a time felt so content
With vines that spiralled up the pillars of the trees and songs
With all the music of the world, so I could orient
My feet a stream that gurgled so to speak of that belongs
Would always walk within an air of music or the Life
That opened up the petals of the heart to all that lives
An everlasting Dream of thee, an Happiness that tries
To slow into a single truth, a particle that is
The fullness of the Universe, a feeling or a thought
With all the waves would ripple on an ocean without bounds
That crystallizes in the soul appearing like a lot
Of Love is placed into the faces everyone, the clouds
The images an everlasting Happiness alive
To everyone the Heavens thought of once upon time.

Tanglewood Way

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