Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Light of the World

Nature is always so joyful. Nature encompasses the positive evolutionary momentum of all existence. There is no boundary between this positive evolutionary momentum in Nature and all of the affairs of humankind.

We are always in Nature. Nature's Love for each and everyone has never ceased.

While we utilize many different technologies and machines, no technology, no machine could ever restrict the impact of the human heart upon the positive evolutionary momentum in Nature.

The aspiration of God has inertia. It is manifested as all matter in the Universe and all the activity of that matter. It has an absolutely positive momentum whose only bounds exist in the human mind.

In the outer world, things have histories. They change forms.

In the inner reality of Life, there is no time, no beginning, no end. This pure existence is like the sap of a tree or a flower. It can become many things, but it remains itself fulfilled. Its creation has many beginnings and endings but it does not. It and we are free to dream and think anew beyond all bounds, powering our thoughts and dreams with our feeling for all possibilities, all Happiness.

Humanity has a very positive ability to dream, to think and to create, to engage the positive momentum of all creation, of all Nature.

We are all born into this Paradise of Nature, with all its thought for our Happiness and for the Happiness of our mothers and fathers, and their mothers and fathers before them. In the everlasting thoughts of regeneration and Life in Nature do all our dreams of Life and Happiness live. In the everlasting Paradise of Nature can our hearts touch the endless possibilities afforded the eternal Life of every human soul, the child of an eternal Life and Happiness, the fullness of whose heart is the Light of the World.

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