Friday, 10 June 2011

The Image of God

Men and Women are from the same Universe of Heaven with all the same diverse energies of creation within themselves. Thus are we all born from a continuity of all the fulfillment of creation.

This Universe is the manifestation, visibly and invisibly, of all the thoughts of God in His timeless eternal contemplation and consideration of the Happiness of His child, His own likeness.

We have the ability to make all our thoughts and all our dreams come true from the continuity of all fulfillment within ourselves that has already contemplated every suggestion of a thought that eternal Happiness may sustain forever through a continuity of Life on every plane of our being, that every good in Life and every good Life will forever be lived again.

Men and Women have the ability to share in a continuity of creative intelligence, an image through which all this eternal creation of everlasting Happiness evolves, the cosmic birth of a human being, the continuity not just of physical Life, but of the supreme reflection of the Soul of God, eternal Love.

We can see the mark of this eternal Love in the seasons of Nature, in the constant regeneration of new Life.

We are all born from such a Universe of creation. And we are all born from Woman. The truth of a Divine Dream come true is not the difference between a Man and a Woman. It is the completion of a never ending continuity of Heaven's eternal Dream within both reflected by each other.

The heart would spread its fullness fled each flower, bower, leaf
I in the manner of a feeling with the speed it crept
A music with its poetry, a body with a Dream
That in the fullness of itself both moved along and slept,
The beauty of this garden world the men and maiden there
In common recognition of the truth of beauty with
The Happiness a Life that is in principle so fair
A never changing fullness for each one of them to live
The truth that is the truth that lives eternal in the hearts
Of souls whose subtle radiation recognizes Life
Is one with truth that in the heart is true to each of ours
An Happiness to every feeling yawns with Paradise
The moment of creation and the moment of my thoughts
Infused a Dream that moves the seasons of this garden, God's.

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