Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Love, I think, is something that human beings understand very well as a feeling that transcends all time or space. When the heart opens to love someone, it is likes waves of an all permeating ocean can be felt.

Where do these waves begin that bring such grace and such a feeling of fulfillment to all of our lives, though we each in clusters of families are pulled back by that tide to an unending that reminds us of the experience that our gross senses are not the only world we know, that the subtlest parts of this world are what it really is. Memory, feeling, attachment, identification all being nurtured by an ocean that does not fill the heart by chance, that does not try the heart by chance, but that fills the heart like the sun the flowers and the grass, or that saturates the heart like the morning dew the air, or the scent of snow.

There must be a language for what needs tell us is forever that rushes forth from the horizon of such a changeful and transitory world that we call real, not for any lack of understanding, but as a kind of charming idiom for all that does not change, for everything that does not change moving all this change along with a fullness that only the heart can understand, rays of faces dancing for a moment in the sun, coalescing from the boundless level of Life which we perceive which our senses cannot overwhelm for long, absorbed as they are in the silent action of the waves of Heaven that all our lives know so well, a silence within each of us that is  cosmic, beyond all bounds, the fountain and fulfillment of an eternal destiny, love.

When this moment goes out far enough, it becomes space. And when this space goes out far enough, it becomes this moment, but only that it may love more the radiation of absolute fulfillment in all its creative intelligence, in all its creative intelligence the birth of our mothers and fathers from the self-fulfillment of each gracing the celestial Heavens of the Earth with a heart that is individual and together at once, cosmic and self-referencing, boundless. The fullness of all being and Happiness can only be defined by itself, within oneself. Hence it is expressed everywhere, in every word, in every shape and shade of experience.

There are qualities in those I love that defy description, so that when I attempt to describe that silent passage between the fulfillment with which we first began that must go on forever, being eternal love, and all these transitory thoughts, I am describing two hundred percent fulfillment, our motion through Life never having lost its ultimate rest, its ultimate Happiness.

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