Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Harmonizing Energy

Whenever there is difficulty of any kind and there is uncertainty and doubt within the self, anyone and everyone is working out a new harmony in the Universe that blesses everyone. 

Anyone can bless.

We can always be grateful for how much we have learned to bring an evolved harmonizing factor to our own hearts and, thus, to all the Earth.

The human heart is the right place for new evolutionary energies to be harmonized.

We have all agreed to bring new harmonies to the Universe of Earth because we all agree with the Life of our Happiness, which is forever fulfilled ever expanding with its perfect eternal fulfillment on every level of our individual being.

If we can practice more kindness and patience and love, with all safety for our self, this is part of success in life, fulfillment in life.

Richness and success comes from being grateful for all we have in our lives, including these qualities we help each other learn as we each harmonize new growth in our hearts in our own blessing way, with great strength from within ourselves, with great peace from within ourselves, with the great rays of kindness, gentleness,  strength and love reflected in Nature descended from a great invisible Sun within all our hearts, rays of the great harmonizing factor of Life going back to our pristine origins and flowing with a living cultural memory through all our lives, through Paradise.

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