Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Goodness Itself

Nature is the kingdom of Heaven within, full of everlasting thoughts about all our Happiness.

In this ever flowing eternal continuum of creative intelligence lives the vital cultural memories and traditions, I feel, of what has become known as Paradise.

In some of my earliest years I cannot remember thinking much about the continuum of family and home on this Heavenly Earth, accepting that I was very grateful and happy for it.

It is only when this felt disrupted that I began to wonder. Now looking back I can see that this Heavenly Nature has evolved the traditions of family in a way that is best for everyone.

Sometimes people wonder about the existence of a God.

I have noticed that people have a light and a warmth about them that I can feel even when they have gone away. This is more real than anything to me, for it has no bound.

I would like to believe that goodness itself has something to do with this.

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