Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Axiom 1113 - Tales from the Belly of the World

Adam to Eve: "I shall meet thee beneath the boughs of Eternity and upon the hour of the yawning Day though Day Herself were conceived in and of Thy very flesh and all the Genesis of Man."

Eve replies: "My Mother was the Ocean to Me, my whole night and day if night and day comprehended forever and the birth thereof in measures of our own flesh and blood delivered unto the dawning shores of Posterity in Birth and Death to one Wurld or Wyld and the Next..."

Every single movement of body, mind and soul composes the whole dance, language and symphony of knowledge in and of our life.

The second chakra, the belly, for instance, sees and feels everything that we need to see and feel, everything that we already see and feel and everything that we do not want to see and feel, even though we do and therefore learn to lie far in advance of our developing capacity to transform through our every faculty and organ of Story Telling all that we see and feel by birth into anything better than what amounts to, beyond all subsequent notice or interest, spawning generations of generations of Psychopaths for world wars whose actual effects are studied less than my daily bowel movements, the contents of which I study quite fastidiously for signs from the gods, and whose actual origins - lying to or Cursing our children from conception - remained obscure as the Genesis of Man or Cosmos lay in utter pitch-perfect splendor for even the meanest or keenest mind to see and hear in all its, yea, Biblical fidelity.

You need to think well [to have time to think and a sanctuary of Man to think in and with your Ancestors] in order to see and learn what the whole experience of your body, mind and soul have to say to you and through you, from life to life....

Psychology or the study of the Psyche is, properly speaking, merely the anthology or collected works of all of Man's experiences, Aetherea and the Prima Materia of the Hieros Gamos of births one and two of Man and Woman, of Man and Two-Man, Man were a Twin Spirited Demon of the Infernal Abyss and Angel of the most beatific and blissful glint off of the castles in the clouds - and they are there, I assure you, in the smile of a Mother and Father upon the Child Whom They will Raise in Strength and Power of Voice and Action, of Mind that Grows Stronger, like Bone, everywhere that it is broken and listens more keenly everywhere its sacred voice and story is forgotten, though life itself, from the Stories of LEAF, of EA the Great Mother and Substance or Satan of all Creation Sung and Danced and Told, holding hands or waving our hands about around the Tree of Life, of a life whose every path a place in song and knowledge where it was all worth it, stamped as it was by your every step and breath into the golden plates of the Book of All Life and Knowledge, the Book of Man, Man whose birth and whose word made flesh demands His and Her Kingdom, a Kingdom of paths alongside whom dwells our closest Spirit, be they King or Queen of the Universe.

And, finally, The Man Mother or Father who does not tell their children the whole story of their own lives will invariably tell them with all out war and torture upon their very flesh and blood, making us suffer in Silence.

Telling your children your story is more important than food or shelter.

For, without it, they will not survive. 

They will hear it or suffer from it and hearing you suffer from it either unto their death or their delivery unto the shores of Man's every Sanctuary.

The choice is yours if you are any Man of Courage. 

Whatever you or they have done, Provide your Child Sanctuary or the Old Gods will do it for you. And they will not be pleased.

Now if you have made it this far through the vaginal canal where ultimate punishment and time served meet and give birth to tomorrow, today and yesterday for life is or of a substance whose stories live forever, then I can tell you a great secret that no Economist or Evangelist or Psientist will ever tell you, largely because they themselves do not know and know all too well that which they cannot or will not say to their Children in order to be able to torture them for the crimes of their fathers and mothers all the way back to the Genesis of Man's very Soul - and that is hidden or living within the exact number figure of every single income in the world and in every evaluation, depreciation and inflation of every Real [a combination of Rhea, the mother of the gods, herself not a god - much like Alice Bailey and her Ascended Masters and Saints - and the two-headed Lie-on of Zion, the god Saturn who eats His own children or "monsters who cannot actually own or inherit property, unlike their Gods", hidden with the number figure of every level of income or Real or Royal Estate there lay the infinitely wild and innocent living riches of all the Generations of Knowledge as a Way of Life and Storytelling.

Church, Lurch, Earth and Firmament [or Universe] all rhyme for a reason that goes back to a world telepathic culture where Urth and the Universe were the same thing, where people did not lie to a Child of the Belly of the Wurld, turning into a World.

When a child is first born, then grow rapidly in every way.

The only other time a child [or their developing mind] grows so much or even more than that is when they are given the least opportunity to grow - when they are in Addled Essence, a period of "cultural hazing" where the developing man or woman is humiliated beyond their control or recollection, so vigorously is the memory and language of their whole story consumed by the masses of orgiastic consumers and doo gooders in a world whose Psychology is merely a Business with Psychological sounding terms and whose Medicine is merely a Business with medical sounding terms, our chURches merely Businesses with Spiritual sounding lures and further exploitation of hurts upon whom are placed all the responsibility For but none of the inheritance Of Man's true heritage, of the Sacred Hoop, of the Celestial Tree of Life and of the Natural Wild Language of His and Her Own Flesh and Blood lips and hips ships born to steer from generation to generation of the Voice and Story of Man who speaks with his gods the way the instincts of the Bear or the Beluga Whale speak to the mightiest of beasts, the deepest of roots to the most distant of leaves in the Story of every Organ of Man Mother and Child.

Monday, 19 March 2018

The Tale of Woe

I know the precise moment when I was damned. 

It was inside my mother's womb when an errant thought passed through my mind about Satan and the Virgin Mary. I was mother's gastronomer, busy helping us digest and nourish ourselves with the misery of our lives.

For it is for each of us to tell our Tale of Woe and to make of it what joy or sadness that we can, given that Man makes certain ineffable demands upon a Great Beyond in Whom we live as much as It lives in us and every letter of a story that would nourish our own fullest accounting of our life and family, of our whole heritage, poisoned blood and all.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Axiom 1112 - Bad Jew-Jew

And what is a Jew or Judaism? Nothing but the worship of the priority articulation /expansion of a septic Shekinah, the Queen Bee of a lunar cult whose every language of freedom or god or science impersonates that of our first Mother and Father at a genetic or storytelling level.

This septic mother or Saturn eats her own children and grooms their appetite for nothing else, to think themselves giving themselves to the best life and living, thus, for nothing, born from nothing wielding nothing like a Grand Unified Theory of Everything one generation to the next.



Panth Mantheon

Having been following your channel for a long time now, I consider myself a Bachelor of Gryphonian Studies graduate. I know most of your views (those of which have been articulated) and I know what your thoughts of psychologists are.

I'm currently enrolled into a University here in Australia and undergoing a Psychology degree. If not for anything else, to satiate a burning interest. Interestingly enough, when I enrolled in the degree (something which required lots of studying during highschool, of which I took astronomical objections to), I was very excited. Perhaps the sort of false child-like excitement of a man fooled by a system exhibiting incalculable damage to me and my ancestors. However what I distinctly remember coming to mind was "Rayn would be disappointed" and I suppose it is something I've been meaning to share with you.

Am I moving towards the right path? I understand all that which you have said, but I can't seem to find the power - nor the way to live such a life of solitude (even though I'm a solitary being). It seems that conditions reward the partaking in this cannibalistic system, dining on our flesh and blood.

Will I, in turn, hunger for the same source?

It's been a while... Know that I'm always catching up with your videos and your input has been invaluable.

I missed you, you miserable bastard!

Rayn Gryphon

A good mind can learn from anything. A story: A friend wanted to learn acupuncture. Her Qi Gong Master and Acupuncturist Chinese doctor and doctor of comparative medicine said, "Go to college. Learn acupuncture. Then come to me and I will correct all the mistakes. Then your education will truly begin."


Because the only acupuncture they teach is Chinese Acupuncture, which is a fucked-over version of traditional acupuncture, with critical points and constellations of points perverted. The only reason Anyone gets anything out of it is due to the Placebo Effect.

The point is, everything is fucked over.

I am not particularly fond of the subject of Psychology.

I went to college and the like. I learned it was useless. But the point was that I learned and learned all the more by excelling at the shit they gave me - religion really.

Psychology is a Religion.

Any hump can be a Psychologist.

But let us look into it a little further.

R. D. Laing said that mentally ill people are actually making a dash for sanity. Sort of like Addled Essence or "Adulterated Lessons" the last gambit for survival we quaintly call "growing up" and "rebelling against authority" as the brain at that age is more vulnerable than that of a newborn infant, has been tortured in the womb, already a drug addict by birth and now as a teenager and young adult most keenly sensitive to the hostility of one's culturally genocidal society - a virgin success fool anxious to distinguish themselves in the suck cess pool of school. A feeding system for a psychopathic biological imperative distributed throughout the entire "body" of the church of society and the mortar of Mordor.

You see, neurosis and psychosis are part of a restorative function. Unless the clinician is attentive to the actual roots of psychosis - slavery and torture of the whole family - they will only ever "succeed" at mollifying the subject and, if necessary, exploiting the natural vulnerability of the patient by introducing even more invasive revenue-generating curses... or overwhelming insults to the mind.

For in an industrial or cybernetic society [a society lost to all moral and critical proportion, to all the aesthetic intelligence necessary for a mind to grow and retain the language of the very contractions of its growth from life to death to life] all signs or complaints of pain are treated by taking More away from the mind. In short, by taxing it.

A Psychologist has a biological need to hurt their clients. For they must feed on what they are unwilling to know, for the very parameters of such knowledge - the cyclic life and liberty of the mind - are effectively outlawed, fed upon, by the parameters for clinical diagnostics and protocols.

In other words, if the slave complains of anxiety, the surviving voice of anxiety is first placated and lured into confidence - "every profession is by its very nature a fraud perpetrated upon the laity" Shaw - and then as clinically extracted in the name of magnifying its enormity with little to no attention to fidelity [preserving the voice of the mind] and so expanding the market for the "cure," a cure which is little better than a modified version of the original insult, the original insult that no Psychologist/Psychopath will ever see, hear, taste or smell.

Under septic Moonetary conditions, sepsis itself becomes the all-informing medium for all surviving critical exchanges of life, air or information. "The medium is the message." McLuhan

Now take this to your professor, read it to them if they have trouble with the grammar, since they are likely at the moron level of intellectual development, then record their response and relate it back to me.

If my instructions are followed correctly, you may still be able to get your money back.

If not, enjoy the ride that expands every horizon for human growth while taking you farther and farther away from it. Sanity. Insanity. These are arbitrary terms at best in such a world.

Years ago I offered cheap shared accommodation in a beach side cottage on a local island to a rich young woman and her dog. She ended up stealing thousands of dollars of property from the house and actually blamed me for objecting. She even got other members of my social circle to turn on me.  She did not even need the money. The people she sold the property to were also friends of mine at the time. They refused to give it back and stayed friends with the thief.


Because people have no dignity or moral reasoning. These were the same people who tied themselves to trees to save a forest owned by a private person.

They have no surviving cortical function but to indulge, exhaust, protect and embellish fanciful stories that psychopaths feed on in order to live - religion. This fat dyke who was called "Jennifer" actually went to peace rallies and saw herself as anti-American.

This little bit of dignity would rather be angry and alone than the happiest fuck in any religion or religious way of life. The slave has no choice but to remain. The free Man has no choice but to walk away.

The best thing school ever did for me and the only thing anyone will ever take away from it is just how dangerous and harmful it is to the natural born aptitudes and prospects for growth and thought, for life.

Little tip. When I did go to college I got student loans. That way I did not have to pay for it. All loans are made up. There is no debt. Debt is Jesus - fake as fuck.

At least when you go to a Church hall meeting they have free coffee and cookies.

When they put you in a desk, make you pay to be there and regale you with the entrails of your native mind, all they give you is the honour of hurting other vulnerable people.

The animal that will not kill its own is not a happy animal.

But he is a free one. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

My Total Health

All my health lay in the total nature of my life.

And it is best that I understand it.

Let us first say that to every life some misery must come, if only to brighten the eyes of the sun and soften the hastening darkness that attends that celestial boat e'er passing o'er the waters of night and day. 

Closer still were the alphabet of our own flesh and blood story of from where to where, of the harrowing agonies and the unfolding fashioning of the vessel of our greatest way of being with all that it [this supple and mysterious vessel from embattled waters and the infernal voices that charge the summer night seed with electric blue heat] passes through one life and one season and the next across all that is life in death and death in life, day in night and night in day, Spring and Winter's every tax and compensation that of a rest and waking, waking and rest that need suffer nowhere near the calamities which commonly attend that practice.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Living in our Bones

Birds abound the hedges pledged to mountains in their league
All underneath the weight of earth and heaven on our souls
Relieved of but a little joy or sorrow in our steam
Across the heavens spasms, tracts and chapters all the living in our bones
Projected back into the future of the past the Sun
And Moon all the conception of the heavens and the earth
Of every kind of mother and of father flesh and blood
Communication all the story all that lives in words
Perhaps a keyhole in the Birch or in the lurch of Spring
Were not so far behind the Winter or before the Fall
Some comprehension of the whole condition of the Queen or King
And of the crown of every crescent of their Kingdom's calm

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Psychopaths Have No Moral Reasoning

"A true warrior is a man capable of critical and moral thought. For anyone so capable has to be a fukn Sitting Bull to get through the day."

Psychopaths have no moral reasoning [any reasoning].

Their pathology is highly compatible with propaganda [religion].

They demonstrate acute lapses in comprehension [or moral and critical proportion and first, second and third order reasoning the entire growth cycle of the mind], lapses whose protracted injury to others are frequently commensurate with State propaganda or religion, all residual accountability as deftly reversed upon the target person or population.

See Environmentalism Xianity

Environmentalism the New Xianity / Catholicism

When a theory that proposes to explain the entire climate of the Earth and the integral part played by its inhabitants [particularly Mankind] that even a three year old can understand - as in "if we do not take care of the Earth She will kill us all" - then you know something is very wrong. 

Don't you?

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Power of Now and Then

The Power of Now and Then:

The Illuminated Language of the Golden Dawn

And every dawning since it dawned upon someone to call it dawning.....

We all True and so Truly Free Peoples live in the lands of the future and the past, the lands of the Happy Hunting grounds of Man's true flesh and blood voice and story, the story that binds the knowledge of the Sacred Hoop from one day and from one generation to the next in a language - the language of the circle - that can, alone, speak the unique language of all Peoples, nature serving thus as a universal living ancestral celestial flesh and blood communication system, a living language.

And from that Persecution of infernal leaps and bounds
In all the letters that were once the sinew of our bones
And all that glows upon the far horizon of these sounds
Of all the flesh and blood of thee and all it lives and grows
Rose Jesus even He could, as the Sun of Man, predict
The massing of the clouds of war and of their thunderclap
Grown in the silence of our voices even as our lips
Continue on to better taste the poison all the stories in our prison camp
A Family of note and even mythical repute
From Ages unto Ages one of Adam and of Eve
Whose Father, more like Saturn, turned the language of the womb
Of Man into the language torture and taxation need 
To war even on being born of flesh and blood whose whole
Wide spirit never suffered silence but in silence spoke:

The Spirits of mine Genius the Stories that we tell
The flesh and blood of the conception of the Sun and Star
And Moons in Heaven and in Earth conception just as well
One season and another all the drumming of the Heart
The Mother all the Substance of the circles in the sky
Of all our parting from one kind of living to the next
The nature language of the Sacred Hoop the language I
Inherited - the language of the living and the dead
With whom we speak from first we need a Mother or a God
Who will communicate the pain and pleasure of our birth
Into the Earth or into Heavens coursing every thought
The nature of a liberty spoken by Man the words
Thy flesh and blood as lovely as thou art, as strong and free
For being lovely, strong and sacred as thou art to me.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Axiom 1111 - Taxation of Psychopathy and by Psychopathy [To Walk in Peace]

Question: Why not just kill Jesus when he is born and save everyone the suspense?

Or we could grow a pair, pick up the sword of our flesh and blood, cut off His fake schizogenic head [He already has no genitals, being psychologically castrated as any psychopath is and wants everyone to be] and piss down his disease- and war-ridden throat to St. Crispin's Day.

Nobody tells you that so-called "homosexuality" and "gender fluidity" beyond a certain age is actually a symptom of psychopathy, both one's own and that of the surrounding society. Homosexuality is caused by septic conditions of criminal social proportions, stories and organs.

It is a Sickness that every Peoples keep giving their flesh and blood voice and labour, as of their very birth and every word made flesh, a Sun or Spirit of Man who alone speaks with and All The Spirits of Creation [not a "spirit in a human experience" but the Spirit that is Man Himself and Herself], to a "Heaven" that is so unworthy of them and that only serves to make their children more sick and more inclined to speak, for their whole biological and psychological survival, a language that is spawned from the illegitimate equivalence of their flesh and blood voice, needs and industry and that of the Heavenly sickness which they are born to serve with the impunity of a narcissistic psychopath.

The grooming of a sickness in us, in our families, a sickness in and from the world: this is the definition of Civilization, the place of psychopaths, the way that psychopaths speak the language or loosely related to the language of their flesh and blood when the language of their flesh and blood, of their true labour and birth, has been effectively outlawed. 

A Xian has no true love to give, for the sickness and the religion of the world are the same. They are truly poor in spirit, psychopaths born and raised by a septic bacterial "culture" who all suffer sexually the arrested development of a flesh and blood fed upon by everyone else for a living. Just so, people who think they are "working for a living" have nothing even remotely honest to give the world, not even the surviving ability or will to see that it is worth nothing to build a home with their flesh and blood labour when that home will be a home only for sick People and never help them with their sickness but only hasten, by law, its ever accelerating advance across all the biology and psychology of our past and future, and a larger celestial home called Civilization that preys that much more successfully with the power granted by your "honest labour" [and all the units of predatory leverage you "earn" by it] upon all the babies and mothers and fathers of this good Earth/Aether, this heavenly firmament from whose breast we first tasted the flesh and blood of our Ancestral Celestial Biology a creative sanctuary the locus of all true law.

I say that work is not honest. 

I say that work is WAR. 

What kind of work hastens the untimely demise of one's own family and that of all Mankind?

Our work is a curse. Our language means a curse upon us; all modern languages have been forged by the fire of psychopathic taxation, the language of a lunar cult and septic flesh-eating bacteria. Cancer is a curse. Doctors have to give people cancer or they will lose their jobs; it is part of their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm to the accelerating advance of civilization. The whole of civilization and all of its "jobs" is bent upon generating a septic current and currency of sickness, psychological castration [homosexuality in all its forms] and death, a "creative destruction" where killing billions of people is, as one Secretary of State put it, "necessary" to maintain "Peace and Democracy" which is an Aristocratic Mockery. When will we stop cursing our own families with our own labour? What good is a school or a home or a society when it is built by inveterate psychopathy and only ever occupied or populated by inveterate septic narcissistic psychopathy the very pulse of a cybernetic-industrial civilization and one designed to impersonate that of a mother's womb, a womb cursed as the place of shit and useless bones by all the language systems of all the branches of knowledge and culture the world over, all  of them a curse dividing you from your flesh and blood Spirit and that of the Antiseptic Sun and Soul of Man, Mother and Child?

In such a world, ALL teachers are psychopaths.

In such a world, ALL healers are psychopaths.

In such a world, ALL doctors are psychopaths.

In such a world, All artists are psychopaths.

We are all sick with the psychopathy of civilization.

The voice of our flesh and blood is the sword of Antisepsis.

It pays heed, not money or deVotion, to all that is supernal and all that is infernal. It does that for our children and they for us.


Question everything.

Find sanctuary.

And bring your sword.

For the war is everywhere.

But it can only be fought and won in Man's true sanctuary, where we gain the untold brotherhood of our ANCESTORS. 

I work for my ANCESTORS.

Everyone else can fuck off and die. 

A psychopath has no moral reasoning or comprehension.

Most all people in civilization have no such brain development.

It is a virtual requirement of all professions and education on Earth.

Antisepsis is strong. The language of the sol of our flesh and blood of every totemic face in the sun of Man is strong. We would listen, something that all the warking for a living is supposed to protect us from, making us better and presumably smart enough to explain this to me.

The Church of Solomon is the prison for the inundation to the point of interring alive the sol of man lowered by the language of septic psychopathic taxation replacing our native tongue and that of pussy.

Words mean things. Learning is Earning? A pussy is full of puss? Mouth of a septic [Lunar, super-Israeli or Isis]cult owned by Rhea or "Reality?" as in gonorrhea? A laboratory is a labial rattory for the labouring rats?

God/Christ is born from the septic death of the true Sun not Syn of Man's flesh and blood language of the antiseptic (antichrist) spirit or soul of all life the soul of the Mother and Child and Mind of Man's native tongue stolen by all taxation the language of a septic disorder.

By all observation there never was any such thing as a Government, just a Church with a Bank and an Army of slaves rowing the lunar charnal galleon /calendar of a septic bacterial flesh-eating brain-eating narcissistic psychopathy whose very language is taxation of morbid designs upon creating a virtual equivalence between its needs and ours.

Save years of toil and just assume that all society is criminal propaganda. In a world where roads are laid by psychopaths and driven by psychopaths, where schools are built by psychopaths and attended by psychopaths, in a world where we lie to our children, no law can save us...

Common Lies Told to Your Child: Government is Legitimate. A newborn baby has no reasoning/moral faculties. Government can teach a child how to reason. Parents can subvert a child's will. Anyone who believes these is no better than the crudest of lower animals and so is your love.

We witness the absolutely pathetic result of ignoring this the most HOLY, Reasonable and Sacred of Laws.

A true Druid would kill any mother or father who lied to their child.

Twitter is a Criminal military operation.

To walk in Peace is to walk with all your Ancestors, who daily help your life along, to walk with the Kingdom of Heaven where the face of the Sun is the face of all the celestial and electrical richness and creative intelligence, the Instinct of every Man, Woman and Beast. Such a Kingdom, the most intimate Queen to your King and King to your Queen by birth and by no other austerity or renunciation, contract or oath, be it of blood or ink and not of any one of our mothers and fathers, such a Kingdom speaks the language of the Voice of our Flesh and Blood celestial biology, the voice of the most infernal and supernal reaches of the whole story of our eternal lives as they continually emerge from and converge like all the stars and People on the horizon into the very substance of our hearts, of the ocean of a Mother's womb and all the circle of That Voice whose language, be it of any truly living value at all, crosses the threshold between our personal mind and all existence. 

The circle of life is how everything comes across. 

"NASA had a budget of almost twenty billion three years ago."

Every branch or church of modern knowledge [Rhea's Religions of Reality like Gonorrhea, it spreads vehemently] is owned by an Aristocratic Warlock.

Their cosmic slush fund is your flesh and blood.

EVERYTHING is RELIGION. - Niccolo Machiavelli, five hundred fucking years ago, but People do not fucking read for fuck's sake.

They don't spend all that. But, then, to create the "current" of Isis they have to bond the inventory at twelve billion per rat born from the laboratory called your mother's dirty cunt.