Friday, 25 May 2018

Cybernetic Exegesis and Mass Warfare

My video:


To Peter Lloyd

I do not think a new book will change anything. Why not write a book that details the entire change in the demographic of the work force, the transgender component of mass media since its inception and the increasingly esoteric leanings of mass culture with the advance of the military industrial complex and its planned metasticization ["mat mother mathematics, geometry..." ]upon the fall of Rome. Then maybe get into the non-god Rhea (the impersonation of the psychological womb of Man in Government or Mother Mind of Men) and the gynecological and matriarchal nature of Regulations and the orthodox regimen introduced as a new form of  qualified brain function by the martial designs upon children through MASS marketing/grooming/training (churches of war)?

Tell you what Peter.

Do that and I will send you more than money: I will give your name a place of honour in my growing family.

Hint: Cancer refers to giving birth to death and a dead child who is a tum-ah by birth. Those are the Roman regulations.

Cancer is endometriosis and acidosis from bunging up the menstrual mind of the Mother - Child bond across Time.

People are being weaned upon a mass Communist subsistence diet of the "ruins we have wrought" out of our true celestial biology and ancestral heritage, our native creative intelligence. Feminism is part of the raping action of an anal ("Saturn's Sun and Mother of Man, Eloa the son god of Rhea") cybernetic-industrial society.

See Charlotte Iserbyt

The Devil's Seven-Pronged Fork:

The Electric Elect of Eloa do not believe in genders but in Androgynes. The Adam Kadmon or Monad (Mona Lisa or Monad of Isis). This is why the Pentagon of Hollywood pushes the destruction of biologically- and anatomically-accurate gender roles. This is what all major religions do. Jesus is the illegitimate son-daughter of Himself. His mother is His lover and He kills His own child and father and mother. Freud was simply advancing the ruling cult of Rhea and helped get the mass ritual slaughter of both world wars going, wars that psychologically castrated all families on Earth. Notice that in law (where you are a "Monster" who cannot own property - you cannot) manslaughter is nothing compared to murder. The movie Mona Lisa Smile starred one of the most successful trannies in history next to Adolf Hitler or her son, Angela Merkel (the Queen of England is a man), Julia Roberts.

Other parts of the Philophosy presented:

Two-Ma tumour two-man woman tomb of u R or a Mother of Death ore au and its Regulators. Its G men. Cancer of a Mother and so of the Celestial Biology of native bonds, gods and organs of mass moving through time as One Cyclical Body of Pleasure, pain, knowledge, language, love, ancestry, communication resurrection etc.

Nuclear family is also atomic or Adamic "Academic" or of the Adam Kadmon of the many pointed sun of Rhea Queen of ♥♥

Her An-als of Allah's Vagus are exploding like the "Big Bang" of the Rape Genesis Story of EVERY GENERATION THE WORLD EVEN GIVES EXISTENCE OR VALIDITY TO

Bush said "Nucular" or New Q (Saturn or new ring around any surviving regrowth of the World Tree) or Q as in Q uran or Killer.

Just look at how impotent the mental and will force of hundreds of years to stay abreast of the newspeak of "gender neutrality" and neutral "non-binary" or, truly, non sexual thought and custom and all for the peace and liberty of such people Over and Above, down, back and beyond that of any anatomically-accurate or "cissy gendered" mind as Pride sex cult parades parade only the most infertile models for the oppressive propensities of glorified eunuchs-soldiers in the next salvation army.

Here we are neutering the language and body of Man and millions of our children are working at nothing else as the whole purpose of a new world "Great Mother" order, all the while finding the commensurate excesses of martial orders of branches of the same cult mentality "utterly unacceptable."

The very precise difficulty you or I might have in enlightening the mind of anyone who has been traded for nothing to a hundred thousand year old Mother of Death "Thanatos" or the torture of the true Ana or two Mother and Mind of Man's ancestral celestial biology is the precise degree to which we have condemned our children to death. A moment of collective sorrow would not be out of place. Call that place sacred and expand forever the Sovereign First Estate of the Sun of the Blood or Mind of Man, of Woman, of the Celestial Animal Spirit of our very Flesh and Face


Monday, 21 May 2018

Jordan Peterson Sophistry in a Pinch - A Living School

Only a matter of time and cocksucking stamina before these two douches got together in order to better cleanse the chlamydia-ridden vagina of Rhea herself.

He has done 4 podcasts with Joe Rogan and they were all very insightful. When you can get Joe Rogan to keep quiet with your words, that speaks for its self.

Jari Jansma
Jacovich Stabs i feel exactly the same way!

Rayn Gryphon
Please do not stay in these cults of celebrity all your life. Please I beg you. Enjoy, learn, grow your own voice. These men are not your friend. They are sophists. You will know that one day if you ever taste true freedom. The truth is you were an animal born into captivity, one of the few domesticated animals [or pests according to the USGS] who will reproduce in captivity. That has been your family psychology or what passes for it for about ten to thirty thousand years. Your entire development and socialization was undertaken in an institutional military death and sex cult with extant designs of celestial proportions upon distorting your every anatomy of thought, feeling, sense and reproduction and so you lather at the mouth with these priests and all they are selling and telling you. I can make a four year old feel great about themselves by talking about rabbit feces. Grow your own mind. This means confronting the enormous betrayal that it is clearly suffering from.

Good luck. 

Whatever one's unfortunately natural and even rational expectations, the world was never meant [at least, not for hundreds of generations] a loving, trustworthy or biologically coherent sensible place. Try and assess the scale of the injury to your mind and resolve to improve the position you are in by merely observing it in its entirety, even and especially if it disturbs you.

The debate video in question:

Peterson relies upon mere sophistry to make the only argument he ever makes, that he does not think that society is too tyrannical, a claim for which he does not provide any objective evidence. This is his Faith, and it drags out debate. Just *Listen*

Peterson makes better sounding arguments. "Any sensible person could see that. BUT..." it does not necessarily follow that his belief has been successfully alchemically transformed into an irrefutable fact. In as much as the Left muddies the water with religious hysteria, so does Peterson with his religious indignation masked as intellectualism.

I say, "Fuck em both and pass the joint."

- The Smartest Person on YouTube.

Chris c

I've been thinking that exoteric religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism) are actually just fronts for esoteric religions (Rosicrucianism, Thelema, OTO, etc) used to filter vital information about the laws of our nature for the digestion of the general common man, or peon/slave. Like a parasitic fungi feeding off the host of a tree: it has to provide a certain petty amount of nutrients (tidbits of information about it's genesis and sexual function) to it's host in order to feed as much life out of the host for as long as possible before the host dies and the fungi has to transform from it's parasitic form into it's saphrophytic form, then feeding off the dead carcass.

If family trees want to regain sexual function--the natural and moral law of their ability to genetically flourish--we must regain knowledge of the natural world, of our the somatic world, and ally with the mycorrizal fungi (in some ways literally as well as metaphorically). As it's been said, the medium is the message. Family trees have a lot of soil cleaning to do, and it won't be done as long as the parasitic medium living off our roots is ignored.

Rayn Gryphon
Yes. I think that was done in the past. Probably a lot easier than may be thought once you give yourself a hundred acres of mental and emotional freedom to do, among other things:  One - digest, process and grow from the totality of all that has touched us as people, families and Mankind and Two - Conduct our affairs around the genesis or recovery or both of a language [or way of life] worthy of the total Animal of Man, of the whole firmament of the birth, life and death of one another taken up by the cataracts and contractions of All Life is, was and will.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Police like any Priest Class are Lying Tax Collectors::

As we age, we will often take the view [trained into us as it is by coercion and mass religion] that it is better than not to comply with unlawful coercion even though it is unethical. However, star pupils will tend to be trained to developmentally equate compliance with force for reasons of social expedience as tantamount to an ethical empyrean by itself, reason itself.

Deadly Traffic Stop:

Guess what guys, wouldn't of happened if he gave him his license, easy as that.

Rayn Gryphon
TweeedyBurd Pussies like u are choking life from us all. Kill yourself now. Oh wait. Seems your parents have anticipated me.

Rayn Gryphon k faggot, there's never a valid reason to resist. don't give cops a reason to shoot you

Rayn Gryphon
TweeedyBurd And that is why this young man is free and you are just a cunt pussy whistle. Cops do this all the time. He had his brights on just to nab one of his prey. Kill em all.

Rayn Gryphon you kidding me? That 17 year old CHOSE to get in big trouble and he's dead now because of it, he didn't commit and crime or have a warrant on him, but he chose to escalate the situation
Give me your license
Get out of the car
I'm going to tase you if you don't get out
Now see how that wouldn't of happened if he had done the simple task of LISTENING TO THE LAW

Rayn Gryphon
TweeedyBurd Hopefully natural selection will rid us of you and your relations. You NEVER have to get out of your vehicle unless you have committed a crime or are harbouring someone who has. Where did you learn the LAW? At a cocksucker convention? Okay young one. Let us men take care of things and you go back to masturbating to pictures of all the billions of law abiding people murdered legally.

Rayn Gryphon Apparently you missed the part where he refused to ID himself to the officer, how is the officer supposed to know if he's legally allowed to drive? Why would he even hide his license from him, he was being a delinquent.

Rayn Gryphon
TweeedyBurd Still talking? Wow. You are a special needs child I see. You are just as bad as the psychopath who shot a teenager seven times in cold blood for doing nothing more criminal than calling this pussy on his shit. He knows it. His buddies know it. And every red blooded animal knows it but you you pathetic fucking cunt. Fuck off. Too bad nobody shoots you seven times. Die slowly.

Rayn Gryphon You make absolutely zero sense, so it's ok if I'm a mass rapist and serial killer with a warrant on me, but the officer can't identify me because I refuse to give him my ID. Is the officer supposed to let him drive away without seeing if he had any criminal record? Eh? Do you even know how traffic stops work, you show ID and papers and you're ok and you get to drive home.

Rayn Gryphon
TweeedyBurd When a pig cunt stops you for speeding he has "evidence." He has reasonable or probable cause. There is no law agsinst flashing your lights. Stopping people for no reason and assuming guilt is everything our ancestors fought and died to prevent. Are your mother and father brother and sister? Pigs are out to make money. They are allowed to lie and antagonize you into giving them a reason to detain and, in some cases, assault or murder you. That is lawless. You are free to be an inveterate mongoloid. The law protects that too.

Rayn Gryphon Irrelevant in this situation, this teen didn't identify himself there for he is suspicious, is he not? Can you explain why this teen has the right to not identify himself to a officer of the law?

Rayn Gryphon
TweeedyBurd like I said..... ta ta ta. Now we are into mere logic. If it is your claim that the murdered victim was compelled by law to identify himself then simply prove it. State the law or case law. If you cannot I win and you are a lazy cunt. Since I know you cant (because you would have) you are in fact a fat lazy treacherous cunt. Qed

Rayn Gryphon Do you even know what a traffic stop is? You're supposed to show the officer your license, proof of insurance and the rest of that. How simple is that? He didn't do it, why? God knows why you would NOT listen to an officer unless you were hiding something from him, which he was probably doing.

Rayn Gryphon
TweeedyBurd just out of curiosity, what is your age?

Rayn Gryphon
So I am going to assume that you are quite young. In not all but in some cases this is related to a lack of education in critical thinking, so I am going to do my civic duty and educate you and anyone else who reads your comments:

one: In order to reason morally or at all one must be able to demonstrate the rudimentary capacity to distinguish between what is, logically speaking, necessarily true and what "might" be true.

two: your argument amounts to, "The officer was right to kill an unarmed teenager driving home from his girlfriend's house [where he left his id] because he refused to comply with the demands of the officer and, furthermore, because those demands were entirely lawful."

This might be true.

Your belief dictates that this is true. It screams TRUE TRUE TRUE, how could it not be TRUE TRUE TRUE in your mind and therefore you assert and reassert that it is so no matter what is asked of you and no matter what other argumentation is presented to you for your consideration, none of which you have demonstrated the least bit of interest in or comprehension of. Your argument might also be stated as, "You should do what people in fancy important costumes [for violence cults used to tax you unlawfully, but that is for non psychopaths to figure out] tell you to do no matter what or you deserve to be shot seven times and murdered in cold blood, especially if you attempt to defend yourself from unlawful detainment and prosecution, in this case by a super cop, the head of the pack, a man-cunt who can, in one costume, animate someone who is all law, judge, jury and executioner."

three: Arguments require evidence or strong logical support that can sustain all objections. You have no presented such an argument.

What you have presented is called a belief, or an opinion.

And in terms of your psychology, all opinions and beliefs are correct no matter what. They give you a chemical emotional feeling on the order of a mild euphoria, as it triggers your survival and compliance in the face of threats from the State.

That puts you, as you may like to know, in a category of intelligence shared by the majority of the world's population, people who cannot perform first, second and third order reasoning: people with no moral reasoning capacities in the wet works of their brain, brain stem and enteric nervous system, all due to training and education. In other words, good job. You will be safe in life by staying at that level. I would not dare disturb such a mind because I know that the consequences would be quite severe. Such a mind requires very little provocation to succumb to the lowering of moral inhibitions and empathy caused by mass/group psychology.

four: I have asked you for the law or any evidence that this young man committed a crime. You have not answered the moral and ethical challenge presented and so one must assume that, at best, you are unable to and, at worst, unwilling to. By all observation, it appears as though you do not see any validity in doing so anymore than this officer required at proof of his defamatory and violent claims to a free man traveling on the public roadway, a  roadway from which two other separate individuals have been found to have observed and stated on record that they observed this officer cunt frost with his brights on. [The State's Attorney refused to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit on any counts.] So maybe the State's Attorney knows more than you do. How that is possible I do not know. After all, you are such a bright intelligent cunt wad.

Therefore, by your own ethical standards, you yourself can now be arrested by the police and, upon any objection, shot to death in cold blood.

By the way, the family won their lawsuit. In the MILLIONS. I suppose you could have been hired by the county Sheriff's DPT to defend them with a rousing refrain of, "But it was a traffic stop...."

Finally, you are a cunt. You have no moral reasoning.

This means that you have been trained, like this officer, to be a narcissistic psychopath or schizopath. Were you shot dead today, the world would heave a sigh of relief. I can recommend ways that you could terminate your own life, and hopefully take all of your family with you if you should like?

Any lack of respect for reason at this point and I will assume you would like some little direction in terminating your own life. Lucky for you, I can help you with that.

The deceased man [a true man, unlike you, you whose whole life will never have the value of the last minute of his] was driving home from a church band practice. Please let me know if you or anyone you know contracts cancer or any painful disease. I have a party in waiting. I take great joy in knowing you will die one day. Such joy it almost makes me want to take off my pants and masterbate and cum all over a picture of your dead mother.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Law School

No Native Tongue. No Problem.

Apache helicopter
Really selfish wrong ideas there, buddy.. Who do you think can be trained to be a police officer? A person who will work odd shifts for peanuts whom folk call for when someone is terrorising or hurting them.. You're entitled to your opinions though so, I'm not hating here, just stating my own.

Rayn Gryphon

Personally, I have never had to contract with law enforcement, not even when I was almost murdered. To call them makes everything worse. I protected myself, which is always the best protection because most cops are lazy fucks with no moral reasoning affiliated with the corrupt and criminal judicial tax collection agencies and fraudulent professions [like law, the bar, government, finance, religion, etc.]

Cops I know personally spend their days writing traffic tickets [which are against the law and they know it.]

The only way they can issue such receipts [which is what they are] is because you gave up all your liberty when you were born, when your parents were married, when you register for birth, school, your car etc. Nobody owns their car [or their home] or the "public" roads. The Queen of England does. You rent them at best.

What you call law enforcement is really tax collection, collection of tariffs or tares of wheat.

In a criminal prosecution, the corporation [the Admiralty, gold banner around Americunt flag] will extract labour through bail, fines, legal fees and slave labour [incarceration].

You, on the other hand, are kept at a grade three level of education, and not even education but brain and emotional conditioning which makes you write the things you do and respond the way you do. At this point you cannot control it. Tens of thousands of years of religion [a prison of lies and war, like the "mar" ket or church of war or the gar-den, the womb of war] knows what it is doing.

You are classified as a pest by the USGS and a Monster by the highest "law" of the "land" [really, waterways, starting with your mother's uterus...]

A monster cannot own or inherit property.

Therefore, a monster has no rights to anything.

You only think you have any rights because they need a certain amount of pleasure in your collective mind and body in order to keep the racket going.

e.g. America is a racket. Canada is a racket. the UN is a racket. World War was and is a racket.

"Every profession is by its very nature a conspiracy to defraud the laity." - George Bernard Shaw

It was this way before Egypt, Chemi or Chemistry, the Science of Slavery that defiles the World Tree, the ÆSC Tree, the killing of which used to be punishable by death.

Hence the term "MASH." This tree is defiled at every opportunity

e.g. America is Anti-ÆSC or "Atlantis" and is related to the breaking of the culture of UR of the Firmament and of the Pentagram, the ÆTHER as in Therapeia, the prima materia of the birth canal and all the contractions of birth that form the root language of MAN.

The worst thing that ever happened on a local island I am from was a guy robbing people. He was found hog tied at the pier and collected by the "police."

Try raping my children and I will cut off your nuts and shove them as far up your ass as I can. Then I will cut your throat and let you bleed to death while the community urinates on you.

We protect OURSELVES.

We do this by caring for our history, our heritage, our voice, our children, our bodies and our minds.

Do that and then get back to me.

The world is a lie.

The stars are not billions of miles away. The sun is not ninety-three million miles away and nor the visible universe ninety-three billion light years across. These things were decided in committee by people like Sir Isaac Newton [the Biblical apple tree and the snake is actually the Ash Tree and so the "asp" made to "crawl on its belly" - wisdom being the application of knowledge to make a home sound and so to remain sound for generations to come]. This is Solomon's temple, erected like every counting house on the blood and torture of our children.

Be a man and stand up for your children.

Or you will die.

In fact, you were pronounced "dead" at birth by Roman Law.

Do not protect people who hate your children.

Your rights to safety and your responsibility for the safety of your family and community were and are written in the flesh and blood of Man and Nature.

Learn to read it, maggot.

I am a quarter century fully initiated Satanic Warlock and Witch.

Fuck with me and I will fuck with you and your family  like you will not believe.

Try me.

Law enforcement. What a fucking joke.

All life force [EL-ectrikery] actually moves through four main coordinates back and forth through space, counter-space [heaven] and forward and backward through the language of Time, the sequential and symbiotic unfolding of the purpose of life [birth, death, rebirth, womb and tomb]. These are the four rivers of Paradise and of the heart, the brain and the whole enteric nervous system or World Tree.

This means that through the Sun of Man, we are in communication with all of our ancestors past and future, living and dead. This is what the cross, the circle and the World Tree were originally about, a total way of life and whole brain development. Man owns all money and churches because they are all based off of the blood and life force of Man as a principle of Nature, of God, of all that is Mother, Father and Child, the bonds of all true knowledge as a cyclical and psychical process of life taken up by all creatures on behalf of Man who is the Spirit who can alone communicate with all beasts.

It costs nothing to make "el-ectrikery." It is generated around the space between a conductor and resistor sufficiently elevated above the earth's surface. It can also be send through the earth. So can our minds and our lives, which travel both into the earth and out into space when we sleep, dream or sojourn in counterspace.The stories of body and mind are all "In the beginning" or of the Furmament, nerves of which live through every story of the Earth and Sky forever. They are literally and figuratively the Sun of Life and crackling in all the stars in a single Universe equivalent to the URTH.


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Reviewing Things - God, Devil, Vaccines etc.

Rayn Gryphon

Hail Satan. God and Satan have the same root word. Satan means Truth. The song appears backwards because the Bible is backwards and is meant to be. Much of the language and style syntax of the Bible as a whole is a series of sly puns on its naturalistic and sexual provenance in the native heritage it appropriated and continues to appropriate. Xianity is a pack of military- and occult-grade lies that by their very nature exploit their laity.

VinAnd Sori
in what language are god and satan rooted identically ? "ha satan' in Hebrew means "opposer" "Elohim" essentially means "mighty one" what lexicon are you using? genuine question?

Rayn Gryphon

Coercion (n.)

The attempt to limit or the effective limitation of one's entire range of choices in order to exercise or improve the power to influence the behavior (or life) of someone over whom one is compelled, on an unprovoked basis, to wield (by force or by threat) a psychological, physical or social advantage, whether of good or ill intent.

What most religion does is stymie the development of moral [right] reasoning and critical thought, making one insensible to the effects, which stymies the development of moral reasoning and critical thought.

It is a technique Thousands of years old and it is no more or less sophisticated in the technotronic world as in the ancient world.

We are kept animals. Try as you may, you will never convince anyone, because the shame too great and the means of escape too tempting.

BOG (God) = Buk = Byk (Bull) = Tur (Taurus)

Sumerian............. DEUS ........... Deus = Zeus
Greek....................THEOS ......Theos = Tur = Zeus
Chuvash................... TYP ..... Tur = Buk = Vol = Devil
Vedic Sanskrit....................................................Devil

God = Bull = Devil (Neither of whom bear any relation to our human heritage, to our original family science and psychology that of our native liberty to enjoy the most liberal articulation of our enjoyment of our relationships with one another).

Hence Bi-Bull

The ancient pantheon as reduced to one schizoid dialectic codified into mass psychology through the increasingly centralized (and developmentally conditioned, irrespective of wealth, birth or creed, though wealth seems to be a decided advantage in hurting people with impunity) administration and philosophy of violence with impunity that is the "God" or "Devil" that everyone in the world who pays income tax or religious tribute works for, dies for and gives their children to to be educated, clothed, fed and bled.

Put simply, every language in the world, every system of communication is also a system to regulate or baffle communication, the better or more efficiently [and even pleasantly] wield fake debt over people in order to extract more of their true industrial force [the will force].

Please do not come back to me with stupid comments. 


Axiom 980 - Coercion & Cybernetic Monotheism (Bi-Bull 101)

Jimmy Kimmel produces a "message for the anti-vaccine movement:"

I will not even post the video. It is an insult and a grossly unlawful act that should violate the same FDA laws that prohibit herbalists from giving medical advice online.

Cool. And the proof of viable vaccination is in the description box I guess. No? How strange. But u can see a candy prank:-)

Jimmy is a preposterous stooge. Vaccines do not work.

Julian Beldham
Rayn Gryphon Remember smallpox?  I don't!

Rayn Gryphon
Julian Beldham Well I do Julian. And the thousands of men, women and children who died from it were those who were vaccinated. In fact, smallpox was in rapid decline (due to natural immunity) when vaccines were first introduced about two hundred years ago. Every time doctors introduced the new vaccines the morbidity would spike. Vaccines were banned but doctors or their mafia kept bringing them back. Smallpox epidemics were actually dealt with by better sanitation and hygiene. (WEIL)

Dr. Jonas Salk did not find a cure for polio. He invented it and his vaccines were tainted and knowingly distributed as such. Fact.

The vaccine industry is a fraud from begin to end. It is a cult at best.

But as with Jimmy the Cunt, all you have to do to shut me and all our children up is present one independent peer reviewed study of the safety and effectiveness of any single vaccine. Surely if the issue is so important then such a study must have been commissioned.

Fyi, the vaccine corps. have their own in house post market research. Vaccines kill people and make them sick. However the patents for vaccines excuse them from all liability. The first Americunt vaccines were made by the USGS to control horse populations.

And to think that we have a forty year study on the benefits of eating an apple a day.

You did not pay any money for your education did you? Or did you already get the vaccine against moderate critical thought?

Rayn Gryphon
Julian Beldham No response? Because people who dispense medical advice about invasive medical procedures, all in the form of coercive and misleading jargon, are morons like you motherfucker.

Give yourself an abortion.

Oh. Wait.

I see your mother and father already anticipated me. 

Monday, 7 May 2018

My Natural Education System - A Living School

I endeavour to take lessons from everything, owing to the wholly inadequate effects of my formal education and every pathetic semblance of the thing with which our so-called "culture" is arrayed like sickly stars in the sky, sickly fruit of the earth and the sickly love that will not see the truth of how sickly it is when it does not want to see the truth of the Earth, our truth. Of course, this may as well be due to my intellectual ineptitude as to my exceptionally good manner of intellectual cultivation. 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Within the Heart of Man

What lay inside all that is comprehended by the human heart?

The illimitable darkness of night?

Blue horizons unending?

The snarly branches of actual experience?

The bark of generations?

What lay within all that is comprehended by the Heart of Man?

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Axiom 1116 - Liberty :: Peter Joseph - Zionist Shill

I do not define liberty for anyone but myself. But I can observe and deduce what is or is not liberty to me. No extant philosophy truly grabs me. I find myself wanting to make up my own philosophy or mythology as I go along and nor do I deem that a novel approach. I think most people think they are free but confuse this term with the obligations they fulfill in a fairly autonomic fashion for all that the liberal industry of man betrays incredible lapses in good judgment and even logic and comprehension. There are many things we do not understand but we should never allow our liberty to inhibit a good understanding that is within our reach or should be for all that the multiplicative liberty or industry of man injures others with psychologically- as biologically-imperative impunity challenged on pain of escalated coercion and morbidity by all overt and covert religion, the definition and purpose of which is to breed billions of people to erect and run their own prisons, starting with the homes that they can never own as legal monsters who eat their children alive.

Employment is as criminal an enterprise just as fraught with intolerable cost to one's whole mind and body as that of Deployment in organized warfare and labour [from the labia of UR convurted into Or, On, Om, Os Sol, Re, Ra and Er and Au a cybernetic society: govErnment, Rule, purulent and freedOm. 

So are scientists and soldiers bred for making use of the Rosetta Stone at the top of the neuro-linguistic "semitic" manipulation at the top of all Medicine, Finance, War, Labour and Religion. 

Fair Trade according to White People

Mass Extinction

youtube: Peter Joesph: A democratic precondition festival 2018 Texas
He is not a psychopath I assure you.

Rayn Gryphon

Mass Extinction The problem presented by a Peter Joseph is the implicit and explicit advocacy of Collectivism, something that the world population has been steered toward (through liberalism - which he paints as mere subturfuge, which it is in part) for over a century if not for hundreds of years. Another CIA lifetime actor - Terrence McKenna - advocated for the "archaic revival." This is a large scale manipulation of language promising agragrian-styled (see Venus Project) political and economic "egalitarianism" while in fact perfecting the dominate economic order, one that has actually been around for thousands of years. He is a Communist shill, the study of whose catastrophic or revelatory philosophy makes use of the most ambitious religious control of the imagination of Man.

The "new religion" moves in advance of the new chapter in Imperialism as a "reformation" of global proportions that reveals the monstrous iniquity of Daddy State while shuffling the foster children through a maze of transformative Neuro linguistic alchemy of sorts that presents the old order in new clothes, so hopelessly easy is it to manipulate Man by SAVING him. Hegel all the way. Xianity all the way. Just the fact that he ends his exhaustively well researched talks with the vague hope of "choosing a new direction" and "we may have time yet..." is pure religion. He is a priest for Rome. Check his talks for small pox. He is gifting you with enlightenment riddled with religious exploitation so well entrenched that it finds its apotheosis - like Xianity or Xian fascism - in the most lurid exposure of it. He rips off the cloak of blind ignorance, stares into the empty cavity of the heart and says, "time for everyone to be on the same level" (aka fuck you) and I say, "you first." He is a study in military psychological technology. They did well with Petey. What a spooky dude. Literally. You should learn to recognize think tank babies with their intellectual testosterone-infused jargon. Pied piper leads the sacrificial fools to their "grand reward."

Good luck.

I will stick with speaking to my ancestors.

Fyi Modern Anthropology is a military cult started by Emmanuel Kant, Teilhard De Chardin and the Catholic church.

Pull out of all religion - Anthropology and Theology are THE SAME EXACT THING - including criminal enterprise - EMPLOYMENT AND DEPLOYMENT - and connect to your own blood.

Joseph will never suggest that nor ever account for the massive psychopathic ADDICTION to criminal religious enterprise at a mass pathological level thousands of years old, especially for the Pale Horse, White People. Always white people...

He uses code words like peace and democracy.

He forwards the premise that economic factors and theories are the core issue, irrespective of the fundamental liberty to relate to the cosmos and any given agent in our own unique way. Demockery is all about reducing people to a pre-agrarian state: not returning them to some bygone egalitarian state. State?

What about mental health after thousands of years of addiction to mass narcissism?

This man is a paid fucking mass murderer.

He is doing a job.

That is it.

Is it intellectually provocative? Yes.

But he does not talk about his family, his ancestors or any part of the land.

That is patently INSANE.

And, yes, psychopathic.

So is everyone gathered in the wide nets of the Great Fisherman.
Peter Joseph is a Zionist Catholic Anglo-Dutch Shill at BEST.
And I do not know what is the worst prospect, that he means to fulfill that role or that he does it all by accident. 

I do not define liberty for anyone but myself. But I can observe and deduce what is or is not liberty to me. No extant philosophy truly grabs me. I find myself wanting to make up my own philosophy or mythology as I go along and nor do I deem that a novel approach. I think most people think they are free but confuse this term with the obligations they fulfill in a fairly autonomic fashion for all that the liberal industry of man betrays incredible lapses in good judgment and even logic and comprehension. There are many things we do not understand but we should never allow our liberty to inhibit a good understanding that is within our reach or should be for all that the multiplicative liberty or industry of man injures others.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Wealth of Man - Nythology and Nurthology

Among the legal quagmire of all that is so called credit and debt can be comprehended all that is contrived to relieve Man of his and her inherited wealth. Just think of aught the legal snares which first beset the penis of Jesus Christ - or they who would first attempt to corrupt the bonds of mother and father and child.

Our Ancestors [An is an old word for God, like Natur] live in the Nyth [come "nOrth"] and speak through all nythology [mythology] and nurthology [neurology]. They speak from the North, if you will, and from the above direction - or from the entire envelope of our urthly lives, Ur being a global telepathic civilization. When we live closer to our own most personal relationship to Natur and to our Ancestors [unborn children] then our whole minds begin to grow.  

Children yet to be born in urthly flesh and blood live in the Nyth and move to the South in as much as energy moves from our head to our sex organs and so from our sex organs back up to the head or the Nyth, back up to the sky throughout our lives in one total celestial biology spoken by all life and death, by every communication of our flesh and blood natur. Everyone is "two-spirited" like Thunderbird of old. When the masculine and feminine, as well as the Nyth and South, respiration are healthy - and people are anchored as much in the Zenith, the Nyth and the South, the Nadir of their roots, then and only then can they feel and be and act like whole or true Man and Woman, Mom and Dad.

When this language of the flesh and blood is disturbed then people lose sexual function, whether or not they remain heterosexual and begin to think in terms of compatible groups for coping with this extreme loss - though life itself and more, a hell on Urth - smuggling in nurthological repression, corruption and aggression into every field of activity and relationship.

[This is precisely the kind of sublimated survival imperative that alerts witch doctors of celestial biology, doctors like myself.]

Today, neurologists have no clue that they are practicing mythology, as with physicists and medical doctors in every way they seek to arbitrate or have arbitrated for them, more correctly, the nature of the origin, earth and sky of Man, Woman and Child.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Americanism is Deadly

Re: Violence between Israel [America] and Palestine:

It's very easy to blame it on America and not the evil religions created by evil people

Rayn Gryphon
WarwickkkT101 Americanism is a religion you dumb fuck.

America is not a system of beliefs as it changes all the time, mostly for the better, usually thanks to secular intervention. Religion never changes from the evil, controlling doctrine it has always been. "Americanism" that you refer to is largely defense of peace and freedom with a bit of oil stealing. I don't think that started 1500 year old wars and feuds still going to this day.

Rayn Gryphon
WarwickkkT101 You think your freedom is enshrined on a piece of paper whose contents might be improved if you used it to wipe your ass and perhaps dignify the tree that was cut down in the process.

You have church fathers just like the Catholic church.

A war was used to start a new sect of the old aristocratic religion.

The natives were genocided.

The land colonized instead of committing large armies.

Text book Machiavelli. [Who recognized the ecclesiastical orders as among the most powerful in the world. see note at bottom.]

America is widely understood to be forged in mythology - particularly to do with the President as Father.

Manifest Destiny is a religious myth.

The laity - as you point out - are extraordinarily unable to hear of the atrocities committed by their own side and just as reluctant to deduce anything from any amount of violence that might contradict the religious myth of America, a myth that persists and even grows stronger the more your country is ghettoized, deindustrialized and thrown into internal class and race warfare to the point that millions are looking for ways to trade in their sexual function (or what is left of it) for political power.

Your military spends almost one hundred million dollars a year on penile dysfunction and impotence.

Never before in history have we seen such blatant evidence of the religious dislocation of sexual anatomy.

Americans worship their sin or debt which actually increases the more they work.

As with religion, words are reversed for higher and lower levels in the Masonic style cult, so that growth and prosperity for the lower rungs is increased debt and slavery for the higher rungs.

America has been in an average of seventy undeclared invasions every year for decades.

America openly admitted to starving over one million Iraqi children to death only a year or so after the first heart surgery was performed in the region.

After the Adam Kadmon of Xianity, a mystical transvestite who "falls" or is corrupted into anatomically accurate sex roles, almost all political and media figures are free Martin trannies with vestigial sex parts (including most TV and movie personalities). Hitler was a woman. Queen E is a man. Oprah is a dude.

They have been attacking Americans (the religion of America) since before its illegitimate birth.

The CIA was started as a continuation of the SS by Dulles.

WW2 was funded by American and International industrialists.

Henry Ford was awarded the highest civilian honour by the German SS for giving them the engines for their tanks.

911 was an American British Israeli operation. It was necessary to use a ritual act of mass terror in order to create a new church of America. They exploit trauma and use it to plant suggestion into the already docile flock.

Like George Bernard Shaw said, "Every profession is by its very nature a fraud committed against the laity."

And you are the laity. The proverbial and veritable milk and honey for your owners.

The name on your birth certificate is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS like a TREATY.

Your name is a fraud kept up by you.

Your own dollar bill is a bill you owe and more with every dollar you earn with every hour of work you lose ownership of by using these bills or units of exchange.

America is was and will always be the most deadly religion on Earth.

There was no moon landing.

No satellites.

No outer space.

Stars are not light years away.

A "big bang" ejaculation in Hebrew was never seen. Except maybe at "ground zero" where "everything comes from nothing." 

[The sun is fed by its intersection with a black hole or the dielectric field of the two di-mensions of the mind of menses, of Man the Mother and Mind of Man. The Sun of Man who is forever in the belly of the cosmos and constantly sublimating it, like the Sun, in order to flesh out the future from the roots of the Earth and in the Earth and all its Firmament. This is what Ur was and is, a total, global or whole brained celestial biology. There are no black holes and the sun is no more ninety-three million miles away than the entire visible universe is "ninety-three" billion light years across.]

Frank Heile, Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University

America is Solomon's temple. Full spectrum dominance.

Two separate CIA directors have stated that the purpose of America is to make sure that nothing you think is true is true.

You killed twelve million natives. Tying live children to trees with barbed wire. Columbus and crew wrote journals bragging about testing their swords by hacking limbs off of my brothers and sisters.

America (with Congressional Approval) has been testing drugs and diseases on the population for decades.

The USGS lists man as a Pest.

Black's Law calls you a monster, someone who cannot own or inherit property.

Templars were coming to this continent as far back as the thirteenth century you dumb fuck.

Did you copy and paste that or spend all that time just to respond to one person to gain nothing of any significance.

Rayn Gryphon
WarwickkkT101 I study cult psychology for a living. Nor do I expect a devotee to be able to supply or enjoy sufficient blood flow to the cortex in order to make moral or abstract reason possible (first, second and third order reasoning).

I have written about forty thousand pages on the subject. I understand that will be difficult to understand to someone as, forgive me, stupid and uneducated as you. I do not even feel sorry for you. You have yourself one of the most popular religions on Earth. Keep the faith while your father or mommy is getting chemo.

Note: I did not copy and paste anything. I wrote all of this in a matter of minutes on my cell phone. 

 "It now only remains to us to speak of the ecclesiastical principalities, with regard to which the difficulties lie wholly before they are possessed. They are acquired either by ability or by fortune; but are maintained without either, for they are sustained by ancient religious customs, which are so powerful and of such quality, that they keep their princes in power in whatever manner they proceed and live. These princes alone have states without defending them, have subjects without governing them, and their states, not being defended, are not taken from them; their subjects not being governed do not resent it, and neither think nor are capable of alienating themselves from them. Only these principalities, therefore, are secure and happy. But as they are upheld by higher causes, which the human mind cannot attain to, I will abstain from speaking of them; for being exalted and maintained by God [??], it would be the work of a presumptuous and foolish man to discuss them..."

- Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, Chapter XI, 16th century

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

― C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology (Making of Modern Theology)

"Let us be clear about one thing: ideals and ethics are important in politics as norms, but they are scarcely effective as techniques. The successful statesman is an artist, concerned with nuances of public mood, approximations of operative motives, guesswork as to the tactics of his opponents, back-breaking work in unifying his own side by compromise and concession. Religious reformers have often succeeded in bringing public morale closer to some ethical norm; they have never succeeded as statesmen. Even in the theocracies of Savonarola in Florence, Cromwell and Puritans in England, our own New England colonies, the men of God, when they came to power, learned to play the game of power. The only difference between them and others is that, since they had a certitude of having a pipeline to God, they did not have to reckon at all with the uneasy factor of their conscience. The most destructive imperialisms of the world have been those of men who have elevated their preferences to the pinnacle of moral imperatives and who have then confidently proceeded to impose those imperatives on others."

Max Lerner, Introduction to Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince and The Discourses, Random House, 1950, page xliv

More quotes like this:


Did you study egotism and narcissism or do they just come naturally?

Rayn Gryphon
WarwickkkT101 ha ha ha. It took you a whole day to come up with that? Thank you for bringing the gift of laughter to our lives. God bless America.

Yes, I sat here waiting for your response with baited breath and over a period of 24 hours was finally satisfied with a comeback. The irony of how you prove your narcissism in the response to the accusation.

Rayn Gryphon
WarwickkkT101 Speaking of comebacks... if you really want mine so bad you can scrape it off of your mother's teeth.

You couldn't even correctly copy an unoriginal line.

Rayn Gryphon
I am simply flabbergasted. Do you think nothing of your poor dear mother in all this? What is she going to say to her dental hygienist at her next checkup? She will have to find a new dentist office and there is no guarantee that they will be any more understanding. I mean, she did let me stain her teeth with my brutal man seed over and over again. It makes me sad, really. She had such a beautiful look upon her face before she tasted my obnoxious spunk, eyes wide shut, so to speak. "My spunk angel" came out of that, pun intended, a long narrative poem about how the seed can go where even the heart fears to tread.

I think the calcium was good for her, though, as she was nursing young Warwickkk at the time. Goodness knows how much of my juice went into your mama's sippy tits. It certainly did not go into her cunt.

Sorry. What were you talking about?