Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dawn to Dawn - A Living Poetry

Colours from some other world were spilled onto the land
And season were attracted to the one it breathed upon
And innervated with it would consume itself to plant
The seed of its own transformation speaking dawn to dawn
The God the pleasure every measure of ourselves sustained
If every animal of nature listened to the song
Incomprehensible as it must be to human brains
Involved with every holy measure of the world e'er long
We just like nature sought to make another body ours,
To be consumed with our consuming vittles of the breast
And flesh a Man or Woman can with little effort large
As loomed like sun or moon over a child's east and west
The sirens every leaning of our feelings heralds of
The chemical of every temple of the soul that hears
Like feet their falling on the all-unfolding paths that run
Electric currents that ferment desires with their fears
Conversant as our life and transformation leagues of words
Confuse the ones whose tastes had cut their teeth upon the blind
Disorienting sacrifice of wild feelings for the birth
From dead and yet undying threats that would sustain the mind
Unto the reaches, leagues and measures the electric swarm
Of notes and colours dote upon the senses with a care
The human chalice every season of its being born
The knowledge everlasting life's own substance everywhere
The heathen language the entangled mind and body streams
Diurnal currents of the consummation of the vast
Effulgence and fulfillment makes of bliss or sorrow dreams
Attend to every fold of brain and nature that is Man's
To touch and touched by human blood the rising heat of winds
The voices borne from ages past upon the lips of they
Who, tasting of the blood and wonder of another, kiss
And, kissed by something of the spring of every season, pray
Devotion spoken with a will to banish from our mouths
Would mutter with the substance of the heavens and the earth
The power, song and knowledge keeping in the stones and clouds
Those stories of so hoary voices knowing every word
That knocked at gates of human brains and senses turning wild
In the gyre of the elements and seasons kept
Though barred from entering into so human congress that defiled
Every temple in the world the temple of the dead
And voices swords held by the kings and queens of living soon
Inheriting the mental powers of the gods who lived
Upon the lives of human minds, the stars, the sun, the moon
Were scattered cast into the reaches of darkest winds
Escaped our sleepless lips at night priests of monsters feed
Upon the corpse of human forms imprisoned by the fears
And the desires that had once each other tempered for
The consummation of two bodies in the temple that appears
By lights of all the saints the curse of merely being born
Nor animal nor angel but what people say we must
Before we even learn to speak or spell the story pours
Out of the censers of the body, stones and mountains lust
That, taken from the congress of the mind and body, Lords
Over the language of desire something of the blood
That courses through the courts and schools and halls of God and Peace
That preys upon the children of the gods the birth of minds
Involved with every song and orbit of the womb the sex
And the electric currents of attraction that entwines
With every fold and colour of every season and the next
Coordinated by our being born the books of filth
And fluids, airs and aethers pass upon the breath among
Celestial and human organs o'er these organs spilled
These voices whose desires war with every other tongue.

Axiom 800 - Modern Medicine = Death Management

Fabi Yang
+joseph blake Why don't you STOP killing yourself, Joseph? ;) All those saturated fats won't do you much good.

+Fabi Yang Thats the good fat that we can't live without, though. Saturated fat reduces lipoprotein levels which contribute to heart disease.

Fabi Yang
+eagleeye929 You should have an evidence based approach and not fall for fad dietary trends. It is an indisputable fact that not a single person needs dietary cholesterol (unless with a rare genetic deficiency) or saturated fat.

"There is a positive linear trend between total saturated fatty acid intake and total and low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol concentration and increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)."

+Fabi Yang I want to see the evidence of you being alive without fat in your body then ;)


Mikus Silenieks
You're one thick fucker aren't you?

Rayn Gryphon
+Fabi Yang
There are long chain and medium chain saturated fats. You need fat, man.

Reduce or eliminate fat and the brain starves. Weird, since the brain manufactures cholesterol even more as we get older. Do you think nature knows something that the medical-industrial establishment that condemned tens of thousands of Americans to early onset diabetes and heart disease with the "heart friendly diet" (and cholesterol-lowering meds) does not?

You need fat.

All fat free foods replace fats with sugars (carbs) and carbs actually hurt the pacreas and cause acidity to increase in the blood, causing the body to produce cholesterol to neutralize the acidity (the fireman to put out the fire). Your medical-industrial establishment kills those fireman and calls it a cure.

Hey. Tell me. What does it feel like to have a billion dollar a year fat ol' cock up your ass?

Is it as wonderful as I hear?

Axiom 799 - The Success of the High-Functioning Psychopath

The more we incorporate orders of unfair demands, especially those placed upon our burgeoning intelligence as children, the more easily we are incorporated into the symbiotic narcissistic delusional psychosis of a cybernetic-industrial society (or the world, wherever in the world you may happen to be growing in - or not really growing at all.

[Everything we do and experience and think has value. All human industry is of equal value. It is only that some industry will be more valuable to some or higher numbers of people. But to constrain all value to the value that appeals more greatly to more people would be foolish in the extreme, for it would necessarily place the safekeeping of all human value in the hands of people other than ourselves. Even if something we have to do in this world is only really valuable to one other person, it is still as valuable as any industry on Earth. This is just basic ethics, something that is universally violated on a routine basis in any number of cults that invariably make up any culture in the world.]

Under these conditions the native and natural alloy of imagination and will power becomes married to indulging the compulsive need to exhaust the stress experienced from their dimentia, to giving people just enough to get more than they would otherwise endure from us and for giving us or our affiliated cults their energy, involvement and engagement, all predicated on unnecessarily confusing fact and fiction, or faith and fact based on the gulf between our own faculties and that of others being bridged with a trust we could hardly have for our own mother and father. 

When people routinely place unfair demands upon others (verbally or otherwise), I qualify this as a five year old level of manipulation. All fiver years olds are forming higher abstract imagination (and ethics) and all of them can be overly demanding. But this does not have to remain or be incorporated (unchanged) into the brain of the older human of any age. We can, when we are not subjected to other unnecessarily demanding people, have all of our needs and passions, all of our levels of tentative and prospective fulfillment and lack of fulfillment without learning to manipulate others or place unfair demands upon them in ways smuggled as much into our personality (and often highest most valued beliefs) as into their personal space and that of the space you share as friends or family or the like.

And the more adept and demanding someone is, the longer it can take to notice and the harder it is to do something about it by the time you notice it. This is also partly because we all grow up developing such a pathological response to unfair demands that we ourselves gain the propensity to excuse, ignore and make them, if even just upon ourselves.

Such older five year olds (of any profession or distinction, status or class) can boast of higher than average or higher than average opinions about their "psychic abilities" or ability to get their points (or products or religions) across, something that has very little to do with entertaining or listening to the voice (or spoken or unspoken needs) of others.

To complicate matters, complex social or tribal dynamics can magnify the power of the psychopath (the openly religious or spiritual or Type-A, anyone who sells a public personality that encourages people to confuse fact and fiction, personal conviction with a necessarily true reality, who betrays and even preys upon a diminished capacity to make a consistently adequate distinction between what is not necessarily true nor necessarily false or neither) person as well as our ability to accommodate them (since it magnifies everybody else's power to accommodate them as well). In this way, I call this passive psychopathy, since to the very degree that we accommodate psychopathy we are also participating in it, since, unfortunately, the only way to avoid participating in psychopathy is to have no relationship to it or them ever, something that is next to impossible to do in a cybernetic society (a world wide psychopathic mind of startling genius, personality and even sincerity). 

To wit, a narcissistic delusional psychopath is never as interested in our independent critical faculties, mythology (the stories that are most important to us), voice or values as much as they have led us to believe, just as with every corporate fiction or product (or drug, sex, debt or death cult fundamental to all cultures, ideologies and anti-ideologies on Earth). 

Now, you might wonder as to my own mental health.

Well, all I can say is the truth - that I have spent all of my adult life extremely sensible that I needed to make the restoration of my mind my life's work, my every breath of every sleeping and waking moment of my life because I had good reason to suspect that I needed to do this - because I have spent my whole life being called and treated like a totally mentally diseased person by a wide array of professionals and because these same people tried to rape and kill and have me raped and killed on several occasions and continue to openly hate, harass and demean me for attempting to object or for merely thinking that any reasonable person (worth extending any courtesy to) would take exception to this "Love."

These people are my entire immediate and extended family, including my mother and father and all of my uncles and aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters. These injuries required years of physical therapy and surgical reconstruction, including dozens of emergency visits to hospital for recurring car accident-grade trauma pre- and post-surgical repair.

Yes. These matters do have some little influence over one's mind.

And I take that very seriously, so seriously, in fact, that I have spent my entire life listening to these injuries and their agents and actors.

Everything that I write is what THEY have told me.

If you don't believe them, then I suggest you take it up with them and their world, because I have chosen, by birth, to have as little to do with it or them as conceivably possible. It is not a subtle point that I am making.

None of this means that these my greatest critics are necessarily wrong. But, more to the point, nor does it mean that they are necessarily right. 

Let us be perfectly clear, in case there is any mistaking the point:

A person who has value is a person giving value.

We are not saying what level of value and to whom.

We are saying that a person who has value is a person who is giving value to the world.

And everyone has equal value to give (if they are valuable people at all, valuable as people at all), even if more or different kinds of people may give or get more value to or from some number of people.

Just something to keep in mind as you engage in, avoid, enjoy or suffer any number of the cults that make up your culture.

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Feminism and Patriarchy, good or bad?
Axiom 547 - Why We Suffer and What We Can Do About It
Axiom 548 - Seeds And Leaves About Their Congress
Axiom 549 - If You Like Where You Are...
Axiom 550 - God Gave Us A Land
Effects of Marxist Education
Axiom 551 - Quotes About Truth
Several Axioms: The Cybernetic Folds of Untold Suffering
Exodus From The Domed and Doomed Flat Earth Death Cult
2016 U.S. Presidential Election Tweet
Earthly or Divine (The world has not changed)
Psychics and Feminists and Healers Oh My!
Examples of Flat Earth Death Cult Members redux
A Raw kind of Salvation Flat Earth or not (living poetry)
J. K. Rowling / Harry Potter
Axiom 552 - The Law Is Not Complicated (the Biblical legal system is)
Rayn Treads Upon Sexist Territory
Axiom 553 - Peddle Your Lowest Values
Flat Earth cult members talk back to Rayn
Next Generation Refutation Flat Earth death cult (NGR-FE)
Axiom 554 - The Devil Always Wins In a Cybernetic Society
Axiom 555 - The Bomb In The Brain
Axiom 556 - The Doom of "Free Energy" (Faces of Zeus)
Native Humanity - A Living Poetry
Axiom 557 - The Devil-Christ Fulcrum of Cybernetic Death Cults
Axiom 558 - Governor of all Violence
Axiom 559 - The Power of Now?
The Lamppost
The Realm of Weird Local Dining
Axiom 560 - God and Modern Science (cybernetics)
A Vision of Life
Axiom 561 - Slavery High and Low
The Word Human
Axiom 562 - The Enraged Brain
NASA fake photo and Ensuing argument
Axiom 563 - Constraining Production to Consumption (Cybernetic Law)
Libraries of Mental Incest
Facebook Scamming (or some such thing)
Axiom 565 - Cybernetic Systems of Talent and Celebrity
This Land's Perfect Poetry
Nothing and Everything, Spiritual Hoodoo
Poems About Lilly
Axiom 566 - The Heaven Within (and human bias-alliances)
Axiom 567 - The Stress of Indentured Labour
Axiom 568 - Definition of a Death Cult Re-Stated
Quotes On Mass Psychological Compliance
Axiom 569 - Any Port In A Storm (we are all death cult-ready)
Video Series Discussing Flat Earth Cult Psychology
Axiom 570 - Amorphous Predatory Tendencies Obviated by Society
Axiom 571 - The Ethical Problem of Abortion Ethics
Axiom 572 - Cultural Engineering As Animated By Its Human Objects/Subjects
Axiom 573 - Truth and Self-Knowledge
Axiom 574 - Three Definitions of A Death Cult
Axiom 575 - The Horizon is the Sun
Axiom 576 - All That Knowledge Can Bestow
Axiom 577 - A Strangely Unnatural Life (cybernetic arteries)
The Place of Man (Poetry is not enough) - A Living Poetry
Lost Horizon - A Short Story
Another Side To Patricia Steere
Axiom 578 - Chewing The Fat Of Our Own Spiritual (Psychotic) Cud
Axiom 579 - Cybernetic Society - Nothing To Do With Life
The Golden River - Living Poetry
Axiom 580 - Atheist Or Not - Making Meaning
Axiom 581 - "The Truth"
Axiom 582 - Magical Thinking and Mass (Popular) Psychology
Axiom 583 - Common Flat Earth Fallacies
Grief and Healing - A Living Poetry
Axiom 584 - How Cults And Psychopaths Are Born
Evolutionary Fact? - A Living School
Preyoria - Short Story
Axiom 585 - Life is Good
Common Flat Earth Sophistry - A Living School
Axiom 586 - Value To Suffering And A Perfect Life
Axiom 587 - Independent of Science and Spirituality
Axiom 588 - Feminism and Milo Y
Axiom 589 - Definition of a Cult
Axiom 590 - Why The Flat Earth Religion (or any violence to human intelligence) Helps Perspicacity
"My Name Is Pat" (Flat Earth) Satire
Axiom 591 - The Religious Instinct (Video Series)
Axiom 592 - Democracy, Slavery and Telling The Truth
Axiom 593 - Spirituality and Flat Earth Society
Swimming in the Sea - A Living Poetry
Axiom 594 - Irony
Axiom 595 - Insults - Arguments for your own ineptitude
Axiom 596 - Enlightenment as Temporary Relief from Pain?
Axiom 597 - Whole Psychology of Man
Axiom 598 - My Job
Axiom 599 - Growing Up (Humorous)
Entry For "Poetry In Transit" - A Living School
Axiom 600 - Origins of Religion
Axiom 601 - God and the God Concept
Axiom 602 - Occult Marketing Theory
Axiom 603 - Definition of Civilization
Keen Tweets - A Living School
Axiom 604 - Money
Axiom 605 - Flat Earth and All Religious Cults (Video)
The Truth of Bliss - A Living Poetry
A Paradise Domain - Years in the making
Axiom 606 - The Religion Industry (Military Video Series)
The Eagle - A Living School
Axiom 607 - Man The Moral Agent Of His Own Destruction
Axiom 608 - History as Layers of Fallacious Narratives (folds of a cybernetic brain)
Query to Family of Psychopaths - A Living School
Axiom 609 - Society Is Anti-Social
Society In Transformation - The Cybernetic Apocalypse
Axiom 610 - A Host of Sins (Religious or Otherwise)
Axiom 611 - Religion Alive and Dead
Axiom 612 - God: A Functional Definition
My Education In Human Violence - A Living School
Talking Back To The Flat Earth Death Cult
Like A Child - A Living Poetry
Axiom 613 - Psychosis Economics
Conspiracy Culture A Religion? A Living School
Feminist "Sarkeesian" Sophistry - A Living School
Video Series - Man, Nature, Psychology
Axiom 614 - Life Is Growth
Axiom 615 - The Paradox of Ideological Salvation
Dusk Til Dawn - A Living Poetry
Axiom 616 - Definition of Feminism (and other cults)
Mind and God - A Living Poetry
Axiom 617 - Developmental Needs For and Restrictions by Religion
Axiom 618 - Taxation
Spirituality and Religion In Proper Proportion
Axiom 619 - Religion and Spirituality By Definition
Yet Another Case of Female Sexual Harassment
The First Religion - A Living Poetry
Axiom 620 - The Spiritual Narcissistic Psychotic
Quiet - A Living School 
Paradise Was - A Living Epic Poetry
Axiom 621 - Heaven and Hell
Axiom 622 - Law of Violence
Changing My Mind - A Living School
Angel of Freedom - A Living School
Lakes of Nature's God - A Living Poetry
Ocean, earth and sky - A Living Poetry
Religion, Politics Coke and Pepsi
Axiom 623 - Creation, Birth and Psychology
New Wave (New Age) Religious Psychology (Psychosis)
Axiom 624 - Junctures Integral To Life
Video Series - Beyond Religion (The Fulcrum)
The Virtue of Choosing (Beach and Ocean)
Farley Mowat On Man's Definitive Ascendancy
The Fountainhead - A Living Poetry
Axiom 625 - Religion, Bigotry, Addiction
100 Dollar Debate On Evolutionary Dogma
God Mythology and Psychology
Brain Development: One Man's Story
Talons of Ten Thousand Oars
Axiom 626 - How To Raise A Human Brain
Symbolic Transformation of Knowledge
The Dawning Flood - Symbolic Rhapsody
Video Series - The Geocentric Universe
Axiom 627 - Brain, Man, Culture, Space Rocket
Premier Example of Flat Earth Cult Psychology
Axiom 628 - Religious Mythology and Personal Exceptionalism
Conclusion of Epic Poem Paradise Was - A Living Epic Poetry
Axiom 629 - The Victim Aggressor
Religious As Serious Joke - A Living School
Axiom 630 - Challenging State Labour Cults
Video Series - Creative Intelligence and Human Heritage
Axiom 631 - Important from Being Born
Axiom 632 - Narcissistic Spectrum Disorder Psychosis Def.
Tornadoes of Descent - A Living Poetry
Axioms 633 - Institutionalized Child Abuse
Axiom 634 - (SJW) Narcotic Social Psychosis
Axiom 635 - Magical Abstract Thought and Consolation
Video Series - Flat Earth For Dummies
Spiritual Gold Digging - A Living School
Axiom 636 - Romance, Vaccines and Imprisonment
Axiom 637 - Neo-Agnosticism
Axiom 638 - Society's Military Superstructure
Axiom 639 - 21st Century Marxism (SJW)
Axiom 640 - Monopoly on God
Once was a dream - Living Epic Poetry
Rislam - A Living School
The Story of My Life - A Living School
Axiom 641 - Definition of a Cult
The Lunar Cape - A Living School
Love, Religion, Drugs and Culture
Axiom 642 - What God Wants
Some Inspired Contemporary Poetry
New Age Ancient Equivocations: The Cult of Awakening
Axiom 643 - Spiritual Sociopathy and SRI DIY Self-Help Pyramid Schemes
Across the Ages - A Living Poetry
Axiom 644 - Examining Zealotry from Feminism
Love In The Time of Obama - Dating in A Living School
Axiom 645 - Neo-Agnosticism# Extended Definition
Proof of God from Evolution
Feminism As Very Definition of a Cult
Axiom 646 - Medicine As Glorified Death Cult
Axiom 647 - The World's A Stage?
Axiom 648 - Water as Aether
Axiom 649 - Military Dimensions to Religious Imagination (Video)
Axiom 650 - Self-Help Cults Amount To Getting Drunk
Axiom 651 - Life, Growth: Mass Control vs Native Willpower
With Glorious Ease (NeoAgnosticism)
Axioms 652 - Hierarchical Religious Institutions
The Speed of Light - A Living School
Axiom 653 - Gnostic Media (Rational Discourse Before Zealotry)
Axiom 654 - Disney's Narco-Hypnosis
The Ancestor - A Living School
Axiom 655- The nature of cults old and new
Axiom 656 - The Transmission of Good Thinking
Axiom 657 - Why I shoot for Modesty in Film and Print
Axiom 658 - Supernatural Heritage of Living Creative Intelligence
Axiom 659 - Quelling Voice in Modern Society/Family
Axiom 660 - Equivocation (Eric Dubay Flat Earth Cult Leader)
Axiom 661 - Worldly Narcissistic Psychopathy In Action
911, Flat Earth, Elections, Religions and Visions
Axiom 662 - God the Devil in the Details
The Only Law of a Psychotic Family
Axiom 663 - Psychosis As Sedative, Sedative As Psychosis
Axiom 664 - Crow Medicine, Natural Law
Axiom 665 - Cybernetics The "Divine" Animal (Chem Trails)
The Anti-War and Pro-War Movement (The March of Peace)
Appendix: Flat Earh Psychosis - A Living School
Axiom 666 How I Define Spirituality
Man's Earth and Heaven - A Living Epic Poetry
Cloud Sensations Inc.
Axiom 667 The Southern Wind (Day of the Child)
Spells of Heaven and Hell - A Living Epic Poetry
Every Word - A Living Epic Poetry
Axiom 668 - How Religion Causes Violence
Radical Political Islam - A Living School
Human Sacrifice Protest Song
A New and Old Spiritual Movement - A Living School
True Romance
Axiom 669 - Between Real and Unreal
Ode To Beauty - A Living School
Axiom 670 - Nature of Faith
An English Bard (Brexit)
Axiom 671 - Political Orientation
Exhuming the Human Mind and Climate Change Myths
Children of Decadence
BREXIT - A Living School
Axiom 672 - Political Correctness
Axiom 673 - The Morbid Religious Fallacy
Pure Genius (A Modern Hero Video)
Brexit and Children of Decadence
The End of Abrahamic Religious Delusion
Jade Joddle Reading Andrew Marvell
Axiom 674 - Freedom of Speech (and to Bear Arms)
Sovereignty and Religious Rhetoric
Axiom 675 - Occult Nature of Warfare (Islam)
Islamophobia and #Godma - A definition
Axiom 676 - Purpose of Corporation Fictions (Religions)
The United States of Europe (The Octopus)
Axiom 677 - Psychosis (n.)
Axiom 678 - Who And What You Are
Militarized Immigration: War of Ages
Heaven and Hell - A Living Epic Poetry
Axiom 679 - The Purpose of 13th Century Alchemy
Evidence Debunking the Cult of Gender Equality
Predatory Religions - A Living School
Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric)
A Bard - A Living School
Axiom 680 - Life After Death?
From Sadness Born - A Living Poetry
2016 Victim Food Chain - A Living School
Adam Said - A Living Poetry
The night and day of fortune and fate
Axiom 681 - Drugs, Texts and Rock n Roll
Axiom 682 - Social Darwinism
Axiom 683 - The Social Paradox
Letter to Homeopathic Physician - A Living School
Axiom 684 - Free Form Living (Spirituality as Anti-Growth Collectivism)
Gales More Than A Wind - A Living Poetry
Axiom 685 - Reason vs. A State of Mind (no contest)
The Unflushed Turd
Masculinism Rises Up - A Living School (Satire)
Axiom 686 - Real Meaning of Feminist, Religious Ideology
Axiom 687 - Prime Real Estate (you and your gods)
Axiom 688 - Ideological Poison and Opiate
Song of Ardor - A Living Poetry
Cybernetic Cults like Feminism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism
Racism? Philando Castile, Alton Sterling (R.I.P.)
Axiom 689 - Mass Human Brain Damage
The True People's Republic Mission Statement
Poem Upon Imminent Global Doom - A Living School
Axiom 690 - Personal Truth vs Objective Truth
Axiom 691 - The First and Final Frontier
A Modest Proposal
Axiom 692 - The Pseudo-Psychology of History
Axiom 693 - Abortion Rhetoric
New Era of Personal Creation - A Living School 
Beautiful People Suck Me Sideways
Religion et Communism ruins every land it enters
Seven Heads of the Great Snake Global State
Axiom 694 - Hoaxes and Invidious Religious & Political Salvation
Axiom 695 - Give God a Cock and a Vagina back
PINDAR - The True Religion, Vitruvian Man
Global Elites to Global Citizen - A Living School
Axiom 696 - Desire Source of all Happiness
Peasant Heaven - A Living School
Too Typical Author Criticism - A Living School
Axiom 697 - The Natural Religion
Vitruvian Stellarium - A Living School
Axiom 698 - The Best Education
Axiom 699 - Principles of Vitruvian Stellarium
Axiom 700 - Heaven and Vitruvian Stellarium
This Place - A Living Poetry
Rayn On Writing
Axiom 701 - Religious and Spiritual Apotheosis
Axiom 702 - Bullying and Religion
Axiom 703 - Original Sin/Mental Illness (Stellarium Vitruvian)
Blues from the Future
Your Holy Leaders - A Living School
Nature of Desire - A Living Poetry
Axiom 704 - The Bones of History
Three-Pronged Paradox (Vitruvian Stellarium)
Axioms 705 - Government and Religion (The Oak Tree)
Poetical Codice of Vitruvian Stellarium - A Living Poetry
Political Litmus Test - A Living School
Axiom 706 - The Global Spiritual War
The Threat of Peace - A Living Poetry
Axiom 707 - Communist Propaganda 2016
Axiom 708 - Karma and Everlasting Life
Axiom 709 - The New Deal (Rated Mature)
Axiom 710 - Our Relationship With The World
What Are You Doing To Help The World?
Axiom 711 - Your Personal Security (and history)
Holy of Holies
Axiom 712 - Source of All Growth (in life and family)
Vitruvian Stellarium - Vision From Beyond The Grave
Kingdom Come - A Living Poetry
Axiom 713 - Ruled by the Unconscious
Some British Humour
Axiom 714 - Vitruvian Stellarium: Principles of Health
Axiom 715 - The Origin and End of Modern Spirituality
Her Breast - A Living Poetry
Axiom 716 - Poor Religious Reflections Of Humanity
Axiom 717 - Real Tree Of Life and Knowledge
Quiet and Magic - A Living School
Axiom 718 - Epistles from the Wonder Ground
Axiom 719 - Human Being (Consensual Suffering)
Purge Day - A Living School 
Apache Creed
Axiom 720 - Nature's Priests (The Archaic Revival)
Axiom 721 - Spiritual Psychosis (Sadism)
Transformative Ritual - A Living School
Axiom 722 - The Living Church - A Living School Poetry
Axiom 723 - Pure Existential Atheism (Vitruvian Stellarium)
Axiom 724 - Dismissing All Modern Spiritual "Philosophy"
Virgin Currents - A Living Poetry
Self-Doctoring - A Living School
Talking About The Archaic Revival
Her Musky Body - A Living Poetry
Jade Joddle (Beauty In Repose) - A Living School
Axiom 725 - Xmas Xian Cheer
Axiom 726 - Relationship With Nature
Axiom - 727 - Sacred Art
Axiom 728 - Parts Of The Stars
Philosophies of Home - A Living School
A Xian Wet Dream
Castles - A Living School
Eric Dubay Flat Earth Zealots Still?
Axiom 729 - Family Neglect? Children Raise Your Voices!
Axiom 730 - The Purpose of Life As A God
Axiom 731 - Man: Burden or Blessing?
Prometheus Unbound - A Living Epic Poem (Aug 2016)
Axiom 732 - Ancestral Religion - The End of God
America Is Dead - A Living School
Axiom 733 - Absolutely Nobody Is Dead
Axiom 734 - Sexual Communion, Flags, and Rome
Axiom 735 - Marijuana
Axiom 736 - Sacred Art and Human Change of Life
Axiom 737 - The Deadly Farce of Heart-Centered Spirituality
Axiom 738 - Sun and Moon Gods
Axiom 739 - The Purpose of Churches
Axiom 740 - Sin Original Perversion of Sexual Pleasure/Conception
Axiom 741 - Magnifying Reason or Delusion
Reverse Racism (Black Lives Matter and Feminism)
Axiom 742 - The Nature and Purpose of Human Communion
Axiom 743 - What Kind of Freedom Is This?
Axiom 744 - Social Justice Fallacy of Arbitrary Regression
The First and True Temple of Mankind - A Family Heritage
Do You Fart?
Axiom 745 - The Living Temple of Heaven and Earth (and Man)
Axiom 746 - Jesus Saves? Or cums over your soul?
Dr. Rima Laibow and Doctors on Vacine Genomicide
Ancestral Blood Moon and Sun
Song and Knowledge - A Living Poetry
Axiom 747 - Law of the Land?
Axiom 748 - Blood Ties To The Universe
Axiom 749 - Unspoken Family Religious if Scientific Orthodox
Axiom 750 - Xianity Premier Assault On Human Heritage
Armies of Light and Dark - A Living School
Axiom 751 - Human Medicine
Axiom 752 - What is History?
Axiom 753 - What is Society?
Satanic Pandaemonium - A Living Poetry
Words of Man and Nature - A Living Poetry
Axiom 754 - Zombies: Questions from the Most Profane
Axiom 755 - Being You
Axiom 756 - Threes and Whole Human Heritage
Axiom 757 - Enlightenment is a Crock (Satanic Rebuttal)
At The Library With Kids - A Living Poetry
ABC Chromosome - A Living Poetry
Axiom 758 - Xianity vs our Children and Ancestors
Axiom 759 - Crow Medicine of Law
Axiom 760 - Countries are a Hoax (Cult)
Axiom 761 - Greatest Pain (Greatest Riches)
All That Was - A Living History (Poetry)
Adam to Eve (Paradise Was) - A Living Poetry
Axiom 762 - Blurring Imagination and Fact (Mass Schizophrenia)
Eve to Adam (Paradise Was) - A Living Poetry
Human Worth - A Living Poetry
Axiom 763 - The Hero
Spiritual Organizations Fall Prey to Psychopaths (the example of Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong)
Forgiveness without Contrition - A Living School
Axiom 764 - Evolution: Example of Scientific Sophistry
Indicting Spiritual Psychosis - A Living Poetry
Axiom 765 - Nobody Can Make Money
Axiom 756 - How To Quash Beliefs (Atheism)
Axiom 767 - Pedagogy of All Natural Law (video)
Bleeding Worlds - A Living School
Axiom 768 - The Rome of Jesus (Satanism)
My Ultimate Love Interest - A Living School
Axiom 769 - Thine Holy Place (Nature and our Ancestors)
Axiom 770 - Alice In Wonderland (Family Codependency)
Axiom 771 - Twisted Social Psychometrics
Stationary Earth (Refuting Heliocentrism)
Once Upon A Time In The Beginning - A Living Poetry
Axiom 772 - Voter vs Elector (U.S.A)
Electric Heaven and Earth - Living Poetry
Armageddo - A Living School
Axiom 773 - Religious Honesty
Axiom 774 - The Most Holy Fire
The Gods - Monumental Romantic Poetry
Witch - A Living School
Axiom 775 - Religious and Spiritual Coercion
Axiom 776 - Prima Materia
Axiom 777 - Feminism is Glorified Orthodox Misogyny (and Misandry)
Axiom 778 - The Fool Fixes The World
Living School Mission Statement
Axiom 779 - A World of Psychopathic families and their children
Souls To War - A Living Poetry
Axiom 780 - The Christian Cross (or Holy Cross)
Axiom 781 - What is a Slave?
Axiom 782 - Spiritually Violent People Be Damned
Axiom 783 - What is a Psychopath?
Humiliation The Global War - A Living School
The Power of Now - A Living School
North Dugan Douglas - BC Artist
An Autumn Letter To An Old Young Friend
Axiom 784 - Hilarious Delusional Xian - A Living School
Courageous Xenophobia - A Living Poetry
Axiom 785 - The Truth Shall Make You Scree
Axiom 786 - Religion and Science Fail and Save Us (Evolution)
YouTube Beef
Speaking Truly - A Living Poetry
Feminist Cliff Notes (Peter Lloyd) - A Living School
Axiom 787 - Churches Be Burned
The Baths of Stars - A Living Poetry
Axiom 788 - What and Where We Are
Axiom 789 - Scientific Religions of Time and Space
Roots of Man - A Living Poetry
Axiom 790 - Atheism for Spiritual Morons
Notes on the so-called School System - A Living School
Bless Francesca De Grandis and all her familiars
Autumn Night of the Dead - A Living Poetry
Axiom 791 - Living Family History Perverted
Axiom 792 - Peace And Alchemy
Heaven and Hell - A Poem
Shadows of the Moon - A Living School Poetry
Our Family Christmas Newsletter
Vanquishing Fear - A Living Poetry
Axiom 793 - The Substance of Oneness
Adam and Eve and the Snake - A Living Poetry
U.S. Election Menstrual Cramps
Axiom 794 - Sacrificial Critical Faculties
Eve and Adam (Monumental Romantic Psychology)
Paradise Was Epic Introduction
Axiom 795 - Definition of Heaven and Hell
Axiom 796 - I Hate Our Species (Species Atheist)
The Genesis of the God of Man - A Living Poetry
Axiom 797 - Intersectional Feminism
Evolutionary Haiku
Axiom 798 - Crisis of Self-Analysis (Institutional Healing)
Being Dehumanized (The Screams of My People)
Axiom 799 - The Success of the High-Functioning Psychopath

A Living School Research Institute
("Because in a world of ever more progressive depravity there is no penicillin for human stupidity, cruelty and systemic as conventional as pathological intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical disorientation to our native life and land as though for our own safety, security, salvation, survival or "ascension" and that of all Mankind. Such is a social repository or delta of psychologicainvectives tantamount to and aptly demonstrated by doing as good a job as one could at compromising our social, familial and individual biological and psychological immune systems with vaccinations as much against the onset of infection from viruses as from any true safety or truly living intelligence worthy of the name. Because all crime, war and disease is as much a biological reality as a sociopolitical one in a cybernetic-industrial society, one contracts with Man for an exchange for anything like our native psychology of Life and Thought fowhat augmentations come currencies (bounties on the heads on the deaths and resurrections of our children) of infinite devaluations of our Life and Thought in terms of our born "debt" to God or State or both (a contract that would, surpassing that of gold for iron in a world where gold is nothing more than a worthless ingot, require no little embellishment and "incentivization"), a debt we can but pay, however spiritual or philanthropic the economics thereof (link), with our own blood, sweat and tears and that of our children though to a Sun or God of State or mass delusional psychosis obscured and revealed by and to strategic variations and distributions of competing thoughts and ideologies, clouds of war, disease, stupidity and conventional cruelty (moved as easily as toy boats across the pond of what used to constitute human thought) for which a child is born with absolutely no concept and in terms of whose "ignorance"  of which are summarily and conventionally consigned, effectively if not intentionally (the benefit of any psychosis - that what one needs to do need having nothing to do with what one means to do) to but dumb animals or born murderers (whose clemency rests in conducting a transaction of the very though freshly spilled hemoglobin of Man or God, an occult Saturnalian rite utterly contradictory to the actual Teachings of Jesus or Krishna, Anastasia or Hiawatha) of that very Life or Christ without which Man cannot possibly maintain let alone advance his and her born coordination, body and soul, native feeling and genius, with the whole of cosmic Life at the force and fullness, substance and horizon of the entire Universe of Man's mind and vast natural, emotional, intellectual and spiritual inheritance and heritage by birth. Written while visiting a local University and doing for free what I used to pay thousands of dollars in order to fight the entire current of cybernetic schooling in order to do - study, as a and in terms of being a human being by birth, the pathological and as perpetual denouement (and denuding) of human civilization both as we know it and as we have, one and all, long ceased to know it. Although having our own land and direct contact with our owliving home, food, water and air and thought is the goal and whole image of human existence coursing through our brains, memories, senses, elements, heavens and Earth, one can have one's own land without creating sufficient space and time to gain the full value of one's conscious capacity for Life and critical thought and so one can create a sufficient space for one's conscious capacity for Life and critical thought without owning your own land or growing your own food, living land, food, water, earth, air and thought runs to Man, if at greater expense to our food, land, air, earth, water and thought, wherever we may be, without any reserve but that which we, as Man, place upon it as though for our own "salvation" much as indigenous peoples had to be convinced to disorient themselves to their native born coordinates of and coordination with their living destiny and memory and language (to create death) in order to be "saved from death" according as much to State Christianity as Islam or Evolutionary theory. I have experienced and researched this since I was born almost forty years ago to the day. At first, you will want to learn as much as you can from your intellectual superiors. Then, if you are lucky (sharing a statistical anomaly with that of any major lottery winner), you might start to question whether or not your intellectual "betters" are as competently informed as they have been trained to think (and are paid to train other people to think) they are, a celestial mantle conferred upon them as much by letters of parchment as by any actual qualifications as such as though daubed with the blood of the condor and the hair of a three-toed frog. Then you will share a similarity with that of motes of cosmic dust which have successfully made their pilgrimage across all of known intergalactic space when or if you start to study why your instructors think what they do and why modern schooling operates with the equivalent belief as though the element of water does not exist. Then and only then will you begin the true process of learning as anyone but a three year old would mean it - which is, frankly, as insulting to three year  olds as what is loosely called the education system, one as successful, by definition, at condemning Man to the privilege and prestige of a contagious psychosis as any cybernetic system on Earth, be it economic, medical, psychological or religious.") - Axiom 120 - Domestication

"When people study evolution or astrophysics they are flattered for having escaped the perverse superstitions of mere religions when in fact they have found the most sophisticated and perverse religions there have ever been, religions for which all previous religions and their monumentally devastating effects serve as but vastly inferior prototypes, never guessing that they themselves are encouraged to think their predecessors as ignorant as nature made them and their progeny progressively more enlightened by a guiding international metaphysical military intelligence mafia (MIMMI) who know full well and gain all their power from the fact that the precise opposite is true."

Mark my words.

It is both a wonderful and terrible thing that our thought effects, feeds, and is fed by the whole Earth, the whole World.

For, mark my words, the self-proclaimed high priests of every respective society on Earth know that we did not descend from apes and that the Theory of Evolution is, for the most part, a total crock, that our ancient land-based ecstatic human existence (and divine natural inheritance) has been colonialized by a modern or technocratic way of Life the most perilous in all of human history, a way of Life we routinely send our children away to foreign lands to murder and die for, so effective has been the occupation by way of severely dimming the human speed of thought far beneath that of the self-proclaimed high priests, human beings who have led us down a path of almost complete atrophy of the human mind and imagination, much to the peril of the health of all people on Earth.

And then there is the invincibility of the dawn.

One Sun, for instance, produces Light that is translated or communicated, through a medium or various mediums (depending on your perspective), to diverse living systems in turn communicated to millions of human bodies and trillions of human cells and neurons through food and air and water and much else besides, not the least of which must include human kindness and warmth, something also, like the absolute phase of eternal Life, at once so visible and so invisible and so vital to our health, that of the harmonic or cosmic (all-embracing) order of every cellular, social, terrestrial and celestial system, that of the endless expansion not of disease but health and not of suffering and sorrow but of Happiness and understanding born of contact with our vast natural, emotional, spiritual and intellectual inheritance.

Just imagine the creative Light that can be created by a Man and a Woman in the conception of the entire living conditions for and of their child in terms of the cosmic beauty of one another, that of the reflected Universal Love (that of God's own eternal Soul) in and of a mother (a Universe Woman) as of the power of God's very own most inspired Dream the birth all that can be born the warmth of Man.

Anything or anyone that would complicate the direct communication among God, you, and your land is never true to God, you, or your Motherland. That I have discovered for certain.

Imagine, if you will, a land whose flag was the clouds, whose holy scripture were the boundless radiation of the seasons and the Soul.

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